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Section 529 at M&T Bank Stadium


M&T Bank Stadium Section 529 View

Section 529 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 529 are labeled 1-32
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 529 Reviews

    Railing gets annoying

    Aug 2013

    Football Review
    Section 529, Row 6, Seat 15

    The view of the field is pretty good if you're looking from the 30 to the far endzone. But the view inside the 20 on this side of the field is partially blocked by a railing. Sitting here means you're consistently bobbing your head up and down to see through portions of the railing where the action is. Sit in row 10 or higher and it won't be an issue. This row is exceptionally close to the stairs for the concourse, which makes getting to restrooms and concessions no problem.

    Great View of the West Endzone

    Aug 2013

    Football Review
    Section 529, Row 14, Seat 21

    Seats are right at the 10 yardline on the west side of the stadium, which means that you get a great view of all the action inside the 20 on this side of the field. The opposite endzone is a bit far away though. For afternoon games, these seats might get pretty hot. But during a colder game, they weren't as cold as some of the extreme end sections.

    • 500 Level


      The 500-Level goes around the entire stadium at M&T Bank Stadium. It is known for being very steep, so fans should be considerate of the row when searching for tickets. The entry tunnels are at the front of the section, with three steps between each row.  Those sitting in rows 15 and above should be considerate about how many trips they may be able to take to the concourse for concessions or restrooms. 500-Level Weather Considerations Windy days: avoid sections 506, 507, 519, 520, 533, 534, 546 and 547 Daytime: The sun will be to the back of sections 521-532Best for a hot and sunny day  Afternoon/Evening: The sun will set behind sections 535-546Best for comfortable viewing  

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      The seats were in the very last row of section 523 and at the very top of the stadium with the views to prove it. I don’t consider myself to be afraid of heights, but sitting up here made me dizzy at first, and when the loud speaker above began blasting music during breaks in the action it was a ...

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