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Section 15 at Mohegan Sun Arena


Mohegan Sun Arena Section 15 View

Section 15 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the Sun bench
  • For concerts, we recommend these seats for great views of the stage
  • For basketball games, desirable view from near center court
  • Related Seating: Lower Level

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 15 are labeled A-R, S
  • There is wheelchair seating betweeen Rows R and S

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    To side but excellent

    Sep 2018

    Concert Review
    Section 15, Row g, Seat 12

    • Lower Level


      The Lower Level at Mohegan Sun Arena is comprised of sections 11-28. This is one of the most desirable seating options for a concert of basketball game as all seats are within 25 rows of the floor. Best Seats for a Concert   If you prefer a seating option not on the Floor, the best seats available at Mohegan Sun Arena for a concert are located along the side. Views here feel impressively close to the action, while also providing a more optimal seating height for watching the elevated stage.   Seats in sections 15 and 25 are among the top options for an end-stage show .They provide a close proximity, while also avoiding some of the extreme side angle views that can be found in certain areas of neighboring sections closer to the stage. In section 15, we recommend opting for the lower numbered seats (keeping you closer to the stage), while the higher numbered seats are the better choice in section 25.   If being as close to the stage as possible is your top priority, sections 14 and 26 offer intriguing options but come with the potential for difficult views depending on your seat number. In section 14, the lower numbered seats have you behind the front of the stage for a less than ideal viewing angle, so we recommend getting as high of a seat number as possible. On the other side of the arena, its the higher numbered seats which become a challenge in section 26, while the lower numbered seats are the much better option. Other Lower Level Notes  Sections 14-17 are on the player bench sides for basketball games Courtside seating located in front of these sections for most basketball games 

    • For Concert - Recommended For Great Views of the Stage


      Close seating to an end stage setup without having an extreme side view only. In the traditional seating bowl provides better sight lines over the fans in front

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    • "Shawn Mendes - Aug 30, 2019"

      (Section 14) -

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