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The concert seating chart at Mohegan Sun Arena changes from show-to-show. The most common changes are on the Floor where sections are frequently added and removed.

Common Floor Layouts

The most common Floor setup at Mohegan Sun Arena is comprised of eight numbered sections with the stage in front of section 11. Floor sections 1-3 are known as Front Floor, while floor sections 4-6 are Middle Floor and Sections 7 and 8 are Rear Floor.

For the best, most impressive views on the floor for a traditional end stage setup, it will hard to beat sitting in floor section 2. The central positioning provides excellent angles to the center of the performance. Floor section 5 (located just behind) also provides good center positioning for a standard end-stage show, but is a bit further from the action.

Seat Numbers on the Floor

For most shows, as you look towards the stage from a Floor section, seat 1 is on the far right side of your section.

If you find yourself searching on the right side of the floor (sections 1, 4, or 7), higher-numbered seats are closer to center sections. Conversely, if searching on the left side of the floor (sections 3, 6, or 8), opt for the lowest- numbered seats possible for closest position to the middle of the floor.

Other Layouts

The setup described above is used for about 50% of concerts at Mohegan Sun. For other shows, General Admission (GA) sections are the most common variation. These are areas of the Floor where ticketholders stand and row and seat numbers are not assigned.

The most common GA sections are GA Pit and GA Floor. Pit sections tend to be smaller and closer to the main stage or a B-stage.

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