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Leader Bank Pavilion Section 1 View

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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 1 are labeled D-Z, AA-KK

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      On the Leader Bank Pavilion seating chart, numbered sections are also known as Pavilion Seats. These seats are fully covered by the canopy. Lower Pavilion Sections  Lower Pavilion seats offer the closest views of any seating location at Leader Bank Pavilion. With seating that runs right up to the stage and good overhead coverage, these seats are often in high demand and are a great option for the die-hard fan. Sections 1 and 3 will have more of a side view compared to section 2, and start with Row C at the very front of the section. Right in line with center stage, Section 2 has the best seats at Leader Bank Pavilion. Section 2 gets divided into a lower and upper portion due to the VIP Boxes located right in the middle. Rows A through AA are located in front of the boxes, while Rows BB and higher are located behind. Upper Pavilion Sections  Seats in the Upper Pavilion will not have the same close views found in the lower sections, but will be a good option for fans seeking a more affordable ticket. All sections in the Upper Pavilion have roughly 20 rows with Row A at the front. Because the seating area is so flat, it can be difficult to see over guests in front of you. To alleviate this issue, consider tickets in the closest row possible. 

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