KFC Yum! Center

Section 307 at KFC Yum! Center


KFC Yum! Center Section 307 View

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 307 are labeled A-C, G-V
  • There is wheelchair seating betweeen Rows C and G
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row G
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 307 Reviews

    Decent seats

    Aug 2014

    Concert Review
    Section 307, Row N, Seat 13

    • Upper Level Side (Concert)


      Upper level side sections are the best option for fans that want to stay close to the stage without spending the money demanded on the lower seating tier. These seats can have an extreme side view, but will be close to the performers compared to other options on the upper seating tier.   Sections in this location have up to 22 lettered rows of seating with Row A located at the front. 

    • Upper Level Sideline (Basketball)


      With no sideline seating available on the 200 level (besides for suites), there are only a few sections where you can get a center court view without paying a lower level price. Though they're located on the third level of the Yum Center, Sections 307-309 and 322-324 typically offer tremendous value. They're typically much less expensive than 100 level seats and the view of the court far exceeds most corner and baseline options. When choosing seats in these sections, pay close attention to the ticket row. The best seats are in rows A-K where you won't feel so high up (you'll be right above the suites) and you'll have easy access to the concourse tunnel.  

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    • "Decent Seats for Nose-Bleed"

      (Section 323) - -

      Although these seats were in the upper level, we had a great view of everything that was going on during this concert at the KFC Yum! Center. The only drawback was that everyone kept entering and leaving the aisle; seriously, we had to move for people at least 2 dozen times. Concessions were very ...

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