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Section 115 at KFC Yum! Center


KFC Yum! Center Section 115 View

Section 115 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, these seats are located behind the visitor bench
  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for impressing a guest

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 115 are labeled A-Z, AA-EE
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows J and EE
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 115 Reviews

    • Lower Level Side (Concert)


      Just off the sides of the stage on the lower seating tier, the Lower Level Side sections are home to the closest views with stadium style seating. The elevation between rows makes it easier to see over the fans in front, and give a good viewing angle to the elevated stage.   Sections in this location have up to 31 rows of seating, with single lettered rows located at the front, and double lettered rows at the back. 

    • Lower Level Sideline (Basketball)


      Sections 105-107 and 115-117 are among the most desirable places to sit for a Louisville basketball game. These seats provide an unobstructed view of the action from within 30 rows of the court. In each of these sections, single-letter rows are closest to the court, followed by double-letter rows. Sitting in row A will have you just a few feet from the players and coaches who sit in front of sections 117 (Louisville) and 115). While the lower rows command the highest ticket prices in the stadium, consider saving a few dollars and purchasing seats in rows J-P. You'll have an outstanding view from within 15 rows of the court, and you'll be close to the concourse tunnel. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      Very close to the action from the lower level of seating. Right behind the player benches so you can watch them game plan during time outs

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