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Babcock Ranch Porch Seating

  • Babcock Ranch Porch Seating - One of the more interesting seating options at JetBlue Park is the Babcock Ranch Porch in right field. This space is also referred to as the right fie...

Bleachers Seating

  • Bleachers Seating - The Bleachers at JetBlue Park are located in sections 231-235. When available, these are usually the cheapest Red Sox spring training tickets. Th...

Box Seats

  • Box Seats - All sections on the 100 level at JetBlue Park are also known as box seats. This includes the Home Plate Boxes, Field Boxes and Left and Right Field Bo...

Grandstand Seating

  • Grandstand Seating - The 200s sections at JetBlue Park are known as Grandstand seats. If you're familiar with Fenway Park, these offer a much different experience than th...

Green Monster Seats

  • Green Monster Seats - Fenway Park South wouldn't be complete without its own version of the Green Monster. In left field you'll find a (slightly) smaller wall with a number...

Home & Visitor Dugout For Baseball Games

Home Dugout - For most baseball games the home team players sit in front of Section 106, Section 108 and Section 110

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 105, Section 107 and Section 109

Lawn Seats

  • Lawn Seats - JetBlue Park includes lawn seating for fans who like to hang out in the sun during spring training. This is an excellent area for families with young ...

Left Field Deck Seating

  • Left Field Deck Seating - The Left Field Deck at JetBlue Park is a small area on the concourse above sections 220-224. Fans sitting here will have a dedicated ledge, which is p...

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JetBlue Park Seating Reviews

  • "Fun Spring Experience" - - The Green Monster is so iconic and it was fun to sit in these seats even if it is just a "knock off"...
    Green Monster 6, Row 2
  • "Good for Kids" - - I have young kids and this was a good place for them. There were several other kids that were runnin...
  • "Loved Them" - - Loved these seats just a few rows behind the dugout. They are extremely close and the section is ver...
    Section 108, Row 8
  • "Nice shaded seats!" - - The seats were shaded for the entire game which is a must for us. The only downside is the steps whi...
    Section 213, Row 10
  • "Spring Training - New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox - Mar 17, 2024" - - Great seats with shade until around the 7th inning.
    Section 113, Row 12   Verified Customer
  • "Spring Training - St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox - Mar 12, 2024" - - Perfect seats behind home plate!
    Section 104, Row 7   Verified Customer
  • Section 113, Row 12   Verified Customer
  • Section 216, Row 2   Verified Customer
  • , Row 10   Verified Customer
  • , Row 10   Verified Customer
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    Other Photos From JetBlue Park

    jetblue park pesky pole
    Fans sitting near the JetBlue Park pesky pole.