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Floor seats are set up on the field at Hersheypark Stadium. Some of the best and closest seats are found here for a concert. Every reserved floor ticket is seated at a folding chair with an assigned section, row, and seat number.

There is no elevation for floor seats. The further back you sit, the more your view could potentially be affected by equipment and fans in front of you.

Front Floor (A-C)

The closest seats at Hersheypark Stadium are in sections A-C where you'll be as close to the stage as possible. Sitting here usually commands top dollar.

Section B is perfectly centered to the stage with head-on views.

Depending on the artist, this area of the floor can take on different setups. Be sure to look at the seating chart for your show to make sure you are looking at the right floor arrangement.

Rear Floor (D-L)

In the back half of the field at Hersheypark Stadium are sections D-L. This area is also known as the Rear Floor.

Sections D and E have centered views and are the best option in this area of the venue.

Sitting in sections F-L begins to feel far away without elevation. We recommend comparing tickets here to the bleacher sections with elevated views.

Rear General Admission Field

Some shows remove the reserved sections at the back of the field and make it a general admission field section. Tickets here are typically less expensive compared to other floor seats.

Fans can stand anywhere in the general admission area, but have to compete with lighting and sound equipment for clear views. Without any seats in the area, fans should expect to stand the entire concert.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Concert Floor Seats Seating Chart at Hersheypark Stadium

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    • "On the floor to the side"

      (Field E2) - -

      Seats were good. Screens were there for viewing if you couldn't see the stage.

    • "I would not advise these seats!"

      (Field F) - -

      Our concert was just 09/10/17 Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, Cheryl Crow. We could not see the stage so we relied on the "big" screen, which was not tall at all. Screen was way too small for this type of concert, needed binoculars! (and had to stand). I do not recommend these seats, unless you ...

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