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Field Seats are located directly on the football grass and are usually the most desirable tickets for a Gillette Stadium concert. For most end-stage concerts, the stage is set up in the south endzone and Field Seats will face this direction.

The actual layout of sections on the field varies greatly by performance. Most shows will have lettered field sections with A sections (e.g.: A1) closest to the stage, followed by B sections, etc. These reserved sections usually provide guests with folding chairs to sit on.

Other shows may feature general admission (GA) seating and these sections are usually named General Admission Floor, Field or Pit. GA tickets will get you access to an un-reserved area where there are no seats. This gives you a chance to get close to the stage where the crowd tends to be more lively.

All sections in this area are located at field level and there are no risers that elevate the sections. For this reason, it's important to understand that taller fans or standing fans may block your view. If this is an issue, you may want to consider purchasing your Gillette Stadium concert tickets in a section away from the floor/field.

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    Just O.K.

    Sep 2015

    Concert Review
    Field A1, Row 7, Seats 25 & 26

    These seats were just o.k. Bought these for the Ed Sheeran concert on 9/25/15 at Gillette Stadium. Even though they were 7th row they were way too far to the right of the stage. Although Ed's show was beyond amazing, I prefer seeing him in the smaller venues because he is a solo performer and he doesn't move around the stage that much because of the loop machine he uses. The huge stage at Gillette just swallowed him up. Still had a great time but if I sit on the floor again at Gillette I will be looking for something in Sections A2 or A3.


    Aug 2016

    Concert Review
    Field A2, Row 3, Seats 26-27

    Seats were awesome, Luke Bryan was right there. Was so fantastic to see our favorite people up so close. It was a very behaved crowd, no fighting or outbursts of any kind, no problems with people in the way, was able to take great pictures. Food was good and so was security. I am definitely ready to go back to see another concert at Gillette


    Jul 2015

    Concert Review
    Field A3, Row 14, Seats 4-7

    These seats were so close I felt like we were in the pit! Taylor Swift pointed to us, smiled, winked, etc but she actually noticed that we were there! It was truly amazing!


    Jun 2016

    Concert Review
    Field A4, Row 7, Seats 1-2

    Awesome seats and awesome concert!!! I only buy tickets from your website!!! LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!


    Jul 2016

    Concert Review
    Field A2, Row 3, Seat 27

    Seats were great, great, great. Worth the money... Luke was great as always, puts on some show.

    They were amazing

    Jun 2016

    Concert Review
    Field B4, Row 7, Seats 1-2

    I was feet away from Beyoncé many times.

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