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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 101 are labeled A-X

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    Far but close

    Jun 2017

    Section 101, Row H, Seats 11-12

    • 100 Level


      Lower Reserved seats (also known as the 100 Level) offer excellent views of the stage and a dedicated reserved seat for the show. While fans in the Pit will be arriving as early as possible, a seat in the this seating area guarantees your spot and less stress as you make your way to the amphitheater. Each 100 Level section starts with Row A at the front and ends with Row X at the back. Section 104 is much smaller as it backs up to the mixing booth and contains the Loge Boxes. Handicap-accessible seating is available at the back of Sections 102-103 and 105-106. Tickets in these rows are typically labeled "XC". 

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    • "Beware"

      (Section 104) - -

      Imagine being in economy class on any commercial jet. You are sitting in the middle seat. Know the feeling? Now multiply that X 10 and you will experience how close together the seats in this venue are. See your favorite artists elsewhere. Not worth it.

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