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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 100 are labeled A-Z, AA-BB

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      Pavilion seats at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion are a reserved seating option located underneath the roof. Seats in these sections are good for those wanting closer views to the stage. Best Seats in the Pavilion  If you talk to any concert fan, their best experience at a concert was sitting close to the stage. At Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, the closest seats are in sections 100-104. We recommend seats in 101-103 which are slightly more comfortably centered to the stage. For easier in and out access, sections 101 and 103 have fewer seats with only 10-12 seats per row. For some shows, the closest tickets are for the pit section. This general admission section does not have reserved seats and fans will stand for the entire show. 200 Level at Waterfront Music Pavilion The largest variety of reserved seating is in found in sections 200-204. This level of seating has the largest sections and most angled views to the stage. Seats in section 102 are centered, but getting in and out of the section can be difficult. Rows are extremely large with most having around 80 seats. While there are downsides to some seats on this level, having a reserved seat and being under the pavilion roof outweigh the costs. Choose rows A-E in sections 201-203 for the best experience. 

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      (Section 102) - -

      Seats had a good view of the stage

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      (Section 102) - -

      While these seats were very close to the pit, we had no issues seeing the bands clearly.

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