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For concerts at Ford Field, Field Seats are the most desirable ticket option.

Although the seating chart for concerts changes for every show, Field Seats are always located directly on the turf. The front rows of these sections are the closest areas to the stage.

General Admission Sections

Some shows have general admission (GA) Field sections. A ticket in one of these sections gives you access to a specific area on the field, but there are no seats and spaces are un-assigned.

GA tickets are usually labeled GA Floor, GA Field or GA Pit, and guests with these tickets should arrive early to ensure the best spot on the field.

Reserved Seating on the Field

For most shows, all or most Field Seats are reserved seating. These sections are typically labeled with a letter and ticketholders will enjoy an assigned section, row and seat.

Unlike general admission tickets, those with a reserved ticket will have a chair to sit on.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "Seats were great! One Direction put on a great show and we could see all of it!"

      - -

      They were well priced and we were able to see who we sat by ahead of time. Would definitely sit here again for another show.

    • "Garth Brooks - Feb 22, 2020"


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