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The Theater Boxes at Footprint Center are one of the more exciting ticket options for a Suns game or concert. Each box contains just four comfortable, over-sized chairs in a luxurious environment on the south end of the arena.

Fans who have tickets in this area will have access to a shared lounge area (FirstBank Terrace) with private restrooms, additional seating, multiple television monitors and a centrally-located bar. In addition to the comforts of the mini-suite, ticketholders will be able to dine at a private table and be waited on by a personal host.

For Suns games, the FirstBank Terrace is an all-inclusive experience with food, beer and wine included. During halftime - or after the game - head over to the outdoor terrace which offers views of the Phoenix skyline.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2023, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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    Remarkable Premium Seating Experience for the Cost

    Dec 2021

    Basketball Review
    Theater Boxes, Row T29, Seats 115–116

    These are the theater boxes located on the south side of the arena on Suite Level A, and I could not recommend them more emphatically. You get free food and drinks (beer and wine included), plus excellent in-seat wait service. The servers are so nice and genuinely care about your experience there. The food, although not as good as other premium areas in the arena, is still sufficient. There is no desert, but the buffet was nevertheless filling. The lounge area when you exit your box is great. They were showing Thursday Night Football on the TV, and it was a great place to chill out if you wanted to take a break from the game. The outdoor terrace is beautiful at times, but I didn’t really utilitize it much. Just a cool little novelty. You will never wait in a bathroom line here, it’s fantastic. Now for the seats themselves— I personally loved them. They’re right above the lower level, and in a box, you get a fantastic view. The seats are comfortable and you can move them around. There’s plenty of standing room in the box for running/jumping/whatever else you do during Suns games. There are two rows, but they’re fairly separated and I do not think there is a big advantage to either. However, I did really like the fact there was an outlet behind the second row. Both rows have bar tables in front of you, but row 1 looks over onto the court. My seats, seats 115-116, were in row 2. This means that seats 113-114 are row 1, etc etc etc. Overall, these seats are great value for a semi-private (or private) group of yours. You really won’t be disappointed here, especially at its price point.

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