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The best seats for a Suns game are located in VIP Courtside sections that surround the court. These sections contain 3-4 rows with the most impressive views of the NBA's biggest stars.

In addition to rubbing elbows with NBA royalty, ticketholders at Suns games will get access to one or more private club spaces. Among these are the Annexus Social Club and the Ultra Club. These are highly sophisticated spaces with additional seating and all-inclusive food and drink.

Fans with tickets in Floor Section 114 and in the first two rows in other sections will receive access to the most exclusive clubs. When purchasing tickets here, review the seller notes to read about specific club access and amenities.

To sit directly behind or beside the Suns bench, consider tickets in 101F or 123F. Or if you're a fan of the visiting team, 103F and 105F will get you close to your favorite players.

Amenities available for basketball games. For other events, some amenities may not be available or offered.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2023, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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    VIP Courtside Floor Reviews

    Absolutely Unreal Experience

    Oct 2021

    Basketball Review
    115f, Row B, Seats 5-6

    What a remarkable experience. (No, I do not work for the Suns.) you start off with a private outdoor entrance for only club members on the southeast side of the arena, and you head straight into the Annexus Social Club. Food is amazing, (california rolls with lobster, steak tenderloin, bacon-wrapped shrimp, etc.), drinks are all-inclusive of course, and it sets a fantastic mood . Lights are dark, music is chill, and I could definitely just watch the game in there. Then you walk out of the tunnel (yes, the same tunnel as the Suns players), and make your way to your seats. I was lucky enough not to have a person in front of me, so your Row B experience might be a little different. You can feel the steps of the players and hear their chatter. Then, you exit back through the club, and directly outside, where the valet is waiting if you bought a valet parking pass (which I highly recommend, usually $20-$30 resale, but it is remarkable). The one gripe I had though is that not many of the employees knew where to direct me. I did not enter through the original outdoor entrance, and no one really knew where I was supposed to go. Eventually though, I was able to make it. With that said, finding the outdoor entrance is definitely your best option. If you're comparing club sections from strictly a value perspective, I'd go with the North Lounge (NL1-16, 119-121 Rows 21C-27C) seating first, then the Annexus Social Club (secs. ending in F, Rows A and B), and lastly Club Gila River/Ultra Club (secs. 101-103 rows 1-6, secs. 113-115 rows 1-6, secs. 111, 112, 116, 117, 123, 124, 104, 105 rows 1-5, all secs. ending in F rows C-D). I would just try to avoid rows C and D courtside, which only include the Ultra/Gila River Clubs, rather than Annexus.

    Courtside Never Disappoints!

    Dec 2021

    Basketball Review
    Floor 113, Row B, Seats 11-12

    This is by far the most premium space I've ever been to at a sporting event. You enter through the Jackson and 3rd entrance (not gonna lie, I kind of got lost, but the entrance is located at the following coordinates: (33.445295,-112.070596). Paste this into a maps app and you should be able to find it. From there, you go straight into the massive 2-story club with gourmet dining. There was pork tenderloin, Icelandic salmon, fantastic scalloped potatoes, and the best sushi I've ever had. The seats are, as expected, incredible. Even from row B, you have a good view of the court. I was also able to get high fives from the players as they ran out of the tunnel. Just go up to the rope near the entrance to the club and wait for them! I was able to catch Devin Booker as he was walking off the court, too. Nice security people let me take some selfies on the court after the game. Then, you exit through the club, and the valet cars are right in front of you. I suggest buying one of these parking passes (VIP Jefferson) off a resale site, or, if you can't find one, just make sure you park in the Jefferson garage. 10x more convenient than the arena garage or a random lot. Even though the price is hefty, this makes for an unforgettable experience, especially if you're bringing a guest.

    Great Elevated Baseline Courtside Seats!

    Mar 2022

    Basketball Review
    Floor 108, Row D, Seats 3-4

    These seats are on the baseline on the side of the visitor's side bench. Seats 1-14 are on this side, and then on the opposite side of the hoop, you have seats 18-31.The view is about what you'd expect from the baseline. It's nothing too special, and you're not close enough to get the full courtside experience. I wouldn't quite call these VIP, because rows C and D only get you into Club Gila River, which is not the VIP club that Annexus is. It still includes food and drink, but it is really congested and hard to find a seat there. Plus, you're paying an upcharge for being courtside, even though it includes the same club as rows 1-6 in some sections. It's just not worth it. Either get some tickets in Annexus or move back a few rows. With that said, I don't think I can justify giving courtside tickets any less than four stars.

    Arguably the Best Seats in the Arena!

    Mar 2022

    Basketball Review
    Floor 123, Row A, Seats 3-4

    These two seats are directly next to the Suns bench. You're right there, you feel like you're on the team. I struck up some conversations with Chris Paul and Cam Johnson, you can hear the huddles, and if the Suns are winning, they'll have some fun with you. There's really nothing else like it. Sometimes the players stand in your way, but eventually they move. The one minor gripe I have with these seats is the distance to the Annexus Social Club. They don't let you walk behind the scorer's table, so you have to walk all the way around the court. It's not too big of a deal though when you literally have the best seats in the house! The Annexus Social Club is ridiculously good as well. Amazing food and wait service! There's also a private entrance for these seats on the southeast side of the arena!

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