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DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium Seats with Backs

Chairback Seats

DKR Stadium is one of the better stadiums in college football for finding a seat with a back.

All Terrace Club seating options (rows 54 and up in sections 13-19) feature chairback seats.

Chairback seats are available in all of the Texas Club, Touchdown Club, Burnt Orange Club, Field Club, and Centennial Suite sections.

Fans can find seats with backs on the upper deck in rows 1-17 of west sideline sections 101-109.

Rows 6 through 66 offer chairback seats in sections 3-6 along the west sideline.

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    Football Seats with Backs Seating Chart at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Great view of the entire field"

      (Section 104) - -

      everthing was good

    • "Full field view, not so detailed."

      (Section 108) - -

      Seat were great for being what some would call nose bleeder seat (just a few seats down from the very top). You could still see what was going on but not in full detail. (in their defense they did provide a very large screen for us cheapo seaters)

    • "Great seats around the 30 yard line"

      (Section 6) - -

      Great seats. Right in the middle in the action around the 30 yard line. Would sit again. Row was a little wider as it was next to entry.

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