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Section 6 at Climate Pledge Arena


Climate Pledge Arena Section 6 View

Section 6 Seating Notes

  • The Kraken shoot twice towards this end of the ice

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 6 are labeled B-Z, BAR
  • For concerts, row X is usually the first row
  • When looking towards the ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

For Concerts, Section 6 May Have a Limited View

6 is behind the stage or to the side of the stage for most concerts. This may restrict or limit your view of the performance.

For more information about the stage setup for your show, find your event.

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 6 Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "The Cure - Jun 1, 2023"

      (Section 17) - -

      Similar to a bar with stools. Easiest for getting in and out for drinks and food. Good view, although cannot see the twin screens and the monitors for hockey games weren't on for The Cure. Curtains were behind so for the most part there weren't people pulling up to watch behind you.

    • "Disappointing, 100% obstructed view of jumbotrons. "

      (Section 19) - -

      Seats were for NYE Dave Chapelle. Thought these would be decent seats. Couldn't see even the bottom of the jumbotrons due to the way they set the dome up. All you see is concrete & if the row in front of you which is a fold down normal seat, stands up....complete obstructed view of the stage/arena. ...

    • "Meh"

      (Section 17) - -

      Honestly, the seat location isn’t the worst but the main pain is the fact that you are sitting so close to the entrance/exit. Because of this, there is a constant above light shining directly on you. No joke, I wore sunglasses the entire time. I understand they want folks to safely navigate the st...

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