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Section 201 at Climate Pledge Arena


Climate Pledge Arena Section 201 View

Section 201 Seating Notes

  • For hockey games, desirable view from near center ice

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 201 are labeled A-N
  • When looking towards the ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 201 Reviews

    Among the best seats in the arena for those who love hockey

    Nov 2021

    Hockey Review
    Section 201, Row G, Seats 8-11

    Dead-on center ice views, high enough to comfortably follow the action all the way from goal line to goal line, all without being in the rafters of the arena. These seats cost us a small premium over sitting in the ends or corners, but they were worth every penny for the superior position from which to enjoy the game. My dad, who grew up playing and avidly following hockey in Minnesota spent the second period wandering around the arena sampling different viewpoints and reported that in his estimation, "other than being on the glass, this is about the best place in the barn to watch the game."

    Spectacular Unobstructed View, Close to all amenities!

    Mar 2022

    Hockey Review
    Section 201, Row A, Seats 1-2

    The seats are on the aisle so you have some extra room as well as an armrest that will fold all the way back. You’re close to all amenities (bathrooms, bars, concessions, elevators, entry/exit) and with the aisle seats you’re first to the bathroom when the ice crew comes out and are back in your seats before the game starts back up! The best part is the unobstructed view of the ice, nobody in front of you! You step down to these seats and everyone else comes up behind you.

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Not the greatest seats for a hockey game"

      (Section 212) - -

      These seats are pretty far away from the action and are underneath the overhang of the Summit boxes. While that doesn't impede your view since you're looking down at the ice, it certainly makes these seats feel a bit more cramped. There are TV screens placed on the ceiling above in case fans have tr...

    • "Crammed in there like sardines"

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    • "225 F 18-19 - aisle seat, leg room, lots of people standing in front of you"

      (Section 225) - -

      Went for a stand-up comedy show (Adam Sandler), 6+ months pregnant & wanted an aisle seat so I could get up easily if needed. Sitting near an aisle was a good decision, sitting with the metal bars in front of us created extra leg room but also limited view. The bad idea was having the aisle ...

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