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Section 310 at Chase Field


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Section 310 Seating Notes

  • Related Seating: MVP Box (Rows 1-7)

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 310 are labeled 1-32
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 4
  • When looking towards the field/field, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 310 Reviews

    • 300 Level Endzone (Football)


      The highest of the endzone seating options, the 300 Level Sections down the first base line will have good views of the near endzone, while the far side of the field will be more difficult to follow. Fans will have a good line of sight to the videoboard in center field, requiring only a small head turn to catch the replays and highlights. Sections here are larger with up to 40 rows of seating in each, and section entry tunnels are located at Row 4. 

    • 300 Level Infield (Baseball)


      The 300 Level is the highest seating area at Chase Field, offering less desirable views of the field than most other areas at the ballpark. From the Infield portion of the 300 Level (also known as Infield Reserved), fans will have good sight lines to the center field scoreboard, and while the play on the field might be far, you're sure to save a few dollars on the cost of your ticket. Sections here are among some of the largest with up to 40 rows of seating per section. Entry tunnels are located near the bottom of the sections (at Row 4), so fans who don't want a long walk to the restrooms and concessions should avoid seats in the higher rows. 

    • MVP Box


      MVP Box seats are the best seats in the upper level for a game at Chase Field. Fans looking to sit in this area should look at tickets located in the first seven rows of sections 310-322.   Sitting in MVP Box Seats The biggest benefit of sitting here is the view of the game. Many fans like to sit directly behind home plate and every seat in the MVP Box seating area will be along the infield and have good views to home plate.  While the upper level is home to some of the highest and furthest views, being in the front of the section ensures it doesn't become too high. Views will be comparable to those on the club level, but typically come at a lower price point. Another benefit of being in the first seven rows is quick access to the tunnel and concourse. The entry tunnel for each section is located at Row 4 making it just a few steps away from any row that is a part of the MVP Box seats.  Seat 1 will be located on the right side of the section when looking at the field. 

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