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Section 111 at Capital One Arena


Capital One Arena Section 111 View

Section 111 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for great views of the court
  • For basketball games, desirable view from near center court
  • Views from near center ice for hockey games
  • Related Seating: Center Select (for Wizards games) (Rows A-T)
  • Rows AA-CC are part of the VIP Courtside Seats for Wizards games
  • Rows A-C are part of the VIP Glass Seats for Capitals games

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 111 are labeled AA-CC, A-T
  • For hockey games, row C is usually the first row
  • Row A is usually the first row for concerts
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row T
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the left

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 111 Reviews

    First row before the floor

    Feb 2014

    Concert Review
    Section 111, Row A, Seats 13-14

    The view was good, but I think being a little higher might have been an even better view.

    • 100 Level Sides (Concert)


      Side sections on the 100 level have about 20 lettered rows of seating with Row AA being the closest row to the floor. Rows labels continue with BB and CC before rows A-T. The front rows of these sections are among the most expensive concert tickets at Capital One Arena due to their proximity to the stage. With the exception of sections 113 and 120 where the number of seats increases as the you sit higher, most rows have 21 or 22 seats with seat 1 on your left as you look towards the floor. In side section 113, the best views will be found in seat 1 which is closer to section 112. And in section 120, the best views will come from higher-number seats. If you can't sit in the first row in these sections, sit closer to the back where the tunnel entrance is located and the walk to your seats will be limited. 

    • Center Preferred (Hockey)


      Sections 100-101, 110-112 and 121 are located closest to center ice on the lower seating tier at the Capital One Arena. Their proximity to the red line and to the ice make them among the most desirable seats in the arena. Like most lower level sections, each of these contain roughly 20 rows of lettered seats with Row A closest to the ice right on the glass. Exceptions are found in Sections 100 and 111 where the player benches and penalty box occupy the first two rows. In these sections, Row 3 is directly behind the box or bench. For fans considering tickets in these sections, there are three different experience types: The first is sitting in Row A against the glass. These are ideal for the fan who loves the hard-hitting action, wants to be seen on television or wants to bang on the glass. The second option is for fans who want to get as close to the players as possible. Seats behind the benches or penalty box are ideal for seeing the players jump on and off the ice and for seeing how they behave when they're waiting for a line change. The view of the entire ice surface is usually at least partially blocked by the players. If you're looking for the best views of the action on the ice, consider one of the higher rows (N and higher). Sitting in these higher rows won't have you breathing on the back of Alexander Ovechkin, but you'll have great views of both ends of the ice and also quick access to concessions and restrooms. 

    • Center Select


      On the Wizards seating chart, Center Select is the name given to sideline sections on the lower level. Each Center Select section has twenty rows of seats. The first row - Row A - is located directly behind VIP Courtside Seating. These seats have some of the best views of the court, but they do not come with any special benefits or privileges. Fans who purchase these tickets in a season ticket package receive a merchandise and concession credit. Occasionally this credit is passed on to fans who purchase tickets on a single-game basis. Review the seller notes to learn if your ticket comes with any credit. 

    • VIP Courtside Seats


      VIP Courtside Seating at Capital One Arena consists of row AAA surrounding the court, as well as rows AA-CC on the sidelines and rows BBB-CCC behind the baskets. With the most premiere seats in the entire venue, VIP seating at the Wizards game is truly a premium experience. VIP seating comes with several benefits such as all-inclusive food and drink, featuring innovative dining selections and complimentary beer and wine. For season ticketholders, these seats come with additional parking or day-of-game Uber credits. Season tickets also come with access to 'The District', a brand new courtside patio that is the largest of its kind in the NBA. Check with your seller to confirm these additional benefits. Those seated in row AAA will have access to the MGM National Harbor VIP Lounge, an intimate all-inclusive dining experience with celebrity chef-inspired menus. Those seated in all other VIP rows have access to the Etihad Airways Lounge, which features fresh, innovative dining selections along with complimentary beer, wine, and soft drinks. 

    • VIP Glass Seats


      VIP Seats for Capitals games are located in the first three rows (A-C) of the lower level. These seats put fans mere feet from the glass and the ice and come with all-inclusive club access. Row A tickets are true Glass Seats. Ticketholders will have access to the Upscale MGM National Harbor VIP Lounge. Only Row A ticketholders have access to this very exclusive club. Beer, wine, cocktails and several food options are included. Rows B-C are also in on the VIP action. Besides being close to the ice, ticketholders in these rows will have access to the Etihad Airways Lounge. In this lounge, fans will have an all-inclusive menu inspired by celebrity chefs along with complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Great Views of the Court


      Amazing views from near mid-court. Close to the action on the lowest level of seating. Chance to be near the players and maybe even hear what they are saying while on the court

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