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  • Rows in Mezzanine 4 are labeled A-E

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    First soccer game, definitely seeing another one!

    Jul 2018

    Soccer Review
    Mezzanine 4, Row C, Seat 10

    This was my first soccer game, and I absolutely loved the atmosphere. The Supporter section was rocking for the entire game, and I really enjoyed the pageantry of it all. Besides the atmosphere the seats themselves were awesome! You could see the entire field and being in a separate section from the 200 level was nice. Sitting on the east side of the stadium the sun was a little hot as there was no shade, but if it were to rain the seats are covered. All in all I enjoyed my first soccer game and I will definitely see another one!

    • Midfield Boxes


      Sections M1-M4 at BMO Stadium are known as the Midfield Boxes. These seats were specifically designed to give soccer fans the absolute best views of the pitch.  In addition to excellent sitelines, ticketholders for LA FC matches will enjoy complimentary hot dogs, pretzels and popcorns delivered directly to the seats. These are some of the smallest sections in the stadium, which makes it easy for fans to move from their seats to the concourse. The seats are covered from above, but they still see abundant sunshine. Complimentary stadium food is not available during concerts, but these seats still enjoy a very good side angle to the stage. 

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      Seat one has a giant panel of glass to your right obstructing your view. It's glass yea but when I went it had 💧 water stains. I cleaned it with my sweater. It still sucked. Get seats 3-11. Other than the giant glass panel the seats are on the edge of the second floor. Nice view. Was tricky to fi...

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