Allegiant Stadium

Section 317 at Allegiant Stadium


Section 317 Seating Notes

  • 300 Level Corner

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 317 are labeled 1-12

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  • Section 317 Reviews

    • 300 Level Corner


      The 300 level corner at Allegiant Stadium is a reserved section with not many amenities. There aren't many rows in the sections of the 300 Level corner, which is important because you will want to make sure to be in the first few rows of the 300 Level corner to instill that you still have a good view of the game.

      Section 344 has 16 rows, but the rest of the sections in the 300 Level Corner have less than 15 rows. Since you are much higher than the corner sections below you, you will not be able to see specific players as easily. However, you may be able to see the Vegas Raiders action as a whole a bit better.

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