Allegiant Stadium

Section 142 at Allegiant Stadium


Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 142 are labeled 11-39

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  • Section 142 Reviews

    • 100 Level Corner


      Corner level seats at Allegiant Stadium are a combination of both the sideline seats and endzone seats. Think about it exactly how it sounds, it's in the corner, which in this situation really isn't that bad. 100 Level Corner seats at Allegiant Stadium give you the best of both worlds in a sense. The angle in which you sit is important. In sections 141,142 and 104.106 you will have incredible vies of the north endzone while also having the field laid out to you in a unique fashion. Sections 119,120 and 127,128 offer the same for the south endzone.

      In many stadiums corner sections tend to have a few obstructions. It is hard to find obstructions in the beautiful new Allegiant Stadium. So these corner seats offer a lot of good without the bad.

    Event Schedule

    • Raiders
    • UNLV
    • Other Football
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