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Baseline Grandstands Seating

  • Baseline Grandstands Seating - Most baseline sections features rows of seating starting with B and ending with W. The lone exceptions are Sections 8 and 12 where Row A is the first ...

Home Plate Sections

  • Home Plate Sections - The best seats at USA Softball Stadium are behind home plate in Sections 9, 10 and 11. Each of these sections features chairback seating and impressiv...

Outfield Seats

  • Outfield Seats - Sections 19-22 are bleacher seats located in home run territory. Unlike outfield seating at Major League Baseball stadiums, these seats will have you ...

Seats with Backs

  • Seats with Backs - For comfortable seating at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium, look for a seat that has a chairback. These are primarily found in infield sections in t...

Upper Deck Seating

  • Upper Deck Seating - Hall of Fame Stadium was retro-fitted with an upper deck that added thousands of seats. Along with the outfield sections, these are usually the cheape...

Shaded & Covered Seating

  • Where are the shaded seats at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium?

    Hall of Fame Stadium is completely open-air with very little overhead coverage. With the Women's College World Series taking place in June, the exposed seats can take a pretty good beating from the sun. Here's our advice for avoiding the direct sun and finding some shade:

    Choose Seats on the Third Base Side and Behind Home Plate

    • Rows P and above in Sections 1-10 are shaded first

    • Sections 101-108 and 201-210 will have the sun set behind them

    Avoid the Outfield and Seats Near Right Field

    • Sections 19 and 20 are directly in the sun

    • Sections 14-18 and the upper sections above them are rarely shaded until the sun goes down

    Attend an Evening Game

    While most fans will be attending the WCWS to cheer on their favorite school, if you're going as a fan of the game, choose a game later in the day. Even the best shaded seats don't get relief until late in the afternoon.

USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Almost perfect seats!" - - If it weren’t for the poles going up and down and the media area railing that often has someone si...
    Section 9, Row B, Seats 7-8
  • "Omni Hall of Fame Classic - Day 1 - Mar 17, 2023" - - These seats are excellent! They are right behind the home dugout, along the third base line. You hav...
    Section 8, Row D   Verified Customer
  • Venue & Seating Questions

    • How many rows in each section at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

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