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TQL Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Cincinnatus Club (FC Cincinnati Games) - The Cincinnatus Club is one of the largest club lounges at TQL Stadium. Fans sitting in sections W1-W9 will have access to the lounge located undernea...
  • First Financial Club (FC Cincinnati Games) - The First Financial Club at TQL Stadium is the largest club the stadium has to offer. It runs underneath the entire east side of seating and was inspi...
  • Pitch View Club (FC Cincinnati Games) - The Pitch View Club is an all-inclusive club located on the west sideline at TQL Stadium in sections W4-W6. The location and design was done for those...
  • Tunnel Club (FC Cincinnati Games) - The Tunnel Club at TQL Stadium is the most upscale and exclusive club area for a soccer match. The amenities along with being so close to the action o...

FC Cincinnati Bench & Visitor Bench

FC Cincinnati Bench - The FC Cincinnati sideline is in front of Section F6, Section F7, Section W6 and Section W7
Visitor Bench - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section F4, Section F5, Section W3 and Section W4

Suites Seating

  • Suites Seating - There are 54 suites that are spread across two levels at TQL Stadium. Most suites have indoor and outdoor access providing a more private experience f...

The Bailey Seating

  • The Bailey Seating - The Bailey at TQL Stadium is another name for the home supporter section and is the place to sit for the most enthusiastic FC Cincinnati fans. It span...

Visitor Section

  • Visitor Section - Fans rooting for the visiting team should look at tickets in the corner near sections 224 and 225. The visiting section for traveling supporters is ge...

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