Ting Pavilion

Section 103 at Ting Pavilion


Section 103 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 103 are labeled 1-25

Interactive Seating Chart


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    • Orchestra Sections


      When looking at the Ting Pavilion seating chart, all numbered sections are considered Orchestra seats. These sections are covered by the canopy and the Box Seats divide them into Lower and Upper areas.   Lower Orchestra    Lower Orchestra seats get fans as close to the stage as possible for a show at Ting Pavilion in Charlottesville. The seats consist of folding chairs set up on a modestly-sloped pavilion floor, which doesn't provide much height to see over the fans in front.   For the best seats in this area, look for tickets in Section 102 where you can enjoy a head-on view of the stage.   Upper Orchestra   Upper Orchestra seating is located directly behind the Box Seats. These sections are a good place to find a cheaper reserved ticket that keeps you under the roof. Despite being the farthest reserved seating area, the front of these sections is only about 30 rows from the stage. Some tickets in sections 201-2015 are labeled Limited View. The row of these seats is labeled LV1 and LV2. 

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