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Umphreys McGee Ticket Price Trends & Tour History


One of the most popular Umphreys McGee shows of 2018 was Saturday October 13th at MECU Pavilion. Interest for that show and ticket prices declined during that time.

Across all Umphreys McGee shows in 2018, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically remained consistent from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2018

  • October 13th - MECU Pavilion
  • August 18th - St. Augustine Amphitheatre - $65
  • January 19th - Beacon Theatre
  • January 20th - Beacon Theatre
  • January 21st - Beacon Theatre
  • October 12th - Red Hat Amphitheatre
  • July 6th - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • July 7th - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
  • July 5th - Red Rocks Amphitheatre