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Previous Queen Concerts

Queen Tour Merchandise

If you are attending a show on The Rhapsody Tour and need to get your hands on some Queen merchandise be sure to arrive around when doors open.  Between the time doors opened and the show starting we saw some extremely long lines.

Merch Lines for Queen
When doors opened, many fans flooded the merchandise tables to get The Rhapsody Tour gear.

One of the most popular items was the tour t-shirt that sold for $45 which is actually on the cheaper side compared to some of the shows we've seen on tour this year (we're looking at you The Rolling Stones). Still there are some high priced items available for sale. The most expensive item is a Queen jean jacket which will cost you $150. 

The Rhapsody Tour Merch
Most items are priced between $20-$60.

Some of the non-clothing items that were pretty cool was The Rhapsody Tour program which has many cool photos and some information. A keychain, enamel pin, mug, and tote bag round out some of the other collectible items.

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The Rhapsody Tour Seating Guide

When looking to get your tickets to see Queen and Adam Lambert there are three things to pay attention to.  One is in relation to the center of the stage, height above the stage, and location in reference to certain band members.

Side view of the stage
As you move toward the side of the stage, large speakers block a portion of the video screen that displays a lot of content during the show

A big element of the Queen stage is a massive curved video screen.  It is used multiple times for short video clips of Freddie Mercury.  Unfortunately, depending on where you are located in the arena, other aspects of the show (speakers, lighting, etc.) will block this screen from view.  While of course you are there to see the band play on stage, you should try to see all elements of the show. For a band like Queen, you don't want to miss anything involving Freddie.  For this reason, we suggest sitting as centered to the stage as possible.  Most of the obstructs come from side speakers that block the screen from view. The best views are head on.

Head on view of queen
Head on views can be further away, but also leave the entire stage in clear view

Aside from the side sections, also pay attention to the height that you are sitting.  Lower rows in the upper deck are usually clear of any building elements. However, as you get higher in the stadium, other stadium elements come in to play.  Specifically at the Tacoma Dome, we found fans who ran into support beams that hold curtains when the upper deck is closed.  This had nothing to do with the Queen show, but effected their view and enjoyment greatly.  This is not the case in every stadium, however we have noticed a correlation that the higher you go in stadiums, the more likely something like this could happen to you.

Obstructed view for queen
Fans in the upper level of the Tacoma Dome were disappointed to find support beams blocking nearly the entire stage. Avoid this by finding lower rows in the upper level, even if it means moving further from the stage!

Finally, many Queen fans are eager to sit and watch Brian May play.  We look at this in depth in another article, but he will mainly play on the right side when looking at the stage. He will frequently use the runway and plays several songs at the end B-Stage.

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Queen and Adam Lambert Setlist

RateYourSeats.com was lucky enough to head to the second night of The Rhapsody Tour 2019 at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. The setlist consisted of a monster number of thirty songs. Most concerts fans are lucky enough to hear 20-22 songs from their favorite band, but fans heading to see Queen live are in for a treat. The setlist may slightly change as the tour goes on, but you can expect most of the songs to be played below.

1. Now I'm Here
2. Seven Seas of Rhye
3. Keep Yourself Alive
4. Hammer to Fall
5. Killer Queen
6. Don't Stop Me Now
7. In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
8. Somebody to Love
9. The Show Must Go On
10. I'm in Love With My Car
11. Bicycle Race
12. Fat Bottomed Girls
13. Machines (Or 'Back to Humans')
14. Radio Ga Ga

B-Stage (End of Catwalk)

15. Love of My Life
16. '39
17. Doing All Right
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
19. Under Pressure

Standard Stage

20. I Want to Break Free
21. Who Wants to Live Forever

Guitar Solo (Brian May)

22. Last Horizon
23. Solo

Standard Stage

24. Tie Your Mother Down
25. Dragon Attack
26. Another One Bites the Dust
27. I Want It All
28. Bohemian Rhapsody

(Freddie Aye-Oh)

29. We Will Rock You (Encore)
30. We Are the Champions (Encore)

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Seats to See Brian May and Roger Taylor Most

Whether you like Adam Lambert or not, many fans go to see original members Brian May and Roger Taylor. The good news for those fans is that the two are a very large part of the show and each are highlighted several times. In fact, Brian May's spotlight is noticeably brighter than Adam Lambert's for a majority of the show, emphasizing his importance to what is happening on stage.

If you want seats with great views of Brian May, find seats near the runway and preferably on the right side when looking at the stage. Brian uses the runway for almost every guitar solo. He has a full five minutes or so at the center of the stage where he rises above for a full guitar solo without any other band members on stage. For all other songs, he holds a base on the right half of the stage when looking at it.

Brian May Guitar Solo
Brian May hovers above the videoscreen and crowd during his guitar solo during the Queen and Adam Lambert set.

Roger Taylor sits back in the center of the stage. Most elevated seats will provide a clear view to see him. He is highlighted heavily when playing "I'm in Love With My Car" where he takes over vocals for the newly popular song.

Anything near the end of the runway will be great seats as well to see the original members. Both Brian and Roger used the B-Stage to come out to see more fans. Brian comes out by himself to address the crowd before playing "Love of My Life" and "'39". He is then joined by Roger who sings the first verse of "Doing All Right". Songs "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Under Pressure" are played out there as well.

B-Stage Song
Fans light up the arena with their phones during "Love of My Life"
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Queen Review at Tacoma Dome

It is not too often that the upper level at the Tacoma Dome is open for a concert, but when Queen and Adam Lambert came to town on July 12th, 2019 the venue filled its 23,000 seats. Above the Tacoma Dome flew and American Flag and right below it flew the Rainbow Flag - welcoming all fans that came to see Queen and Adam Lambert. Doors opened an hour and a half before the show was to start, but fans still arrived several hours early, to be first in the door.  This was probably smart if you were someone who wanted to buy merchandise because the lines for t-shirts were much longer than any beer or food line.

Many fans chose to wear their favorite Queen tour t-shirt from the last time they hit the road with Adam Lambert. Others chose to dress like Freddie Mercury. Radio stations were even providing free Freddie mustaches for those that really wanted to embrace the night.

Pre-Show Stage
As fans found their seats before the show, the stage featured a large video screen featuring the band logo and other symbols.

As show time neared and fans headed to their seats, the anticipation grew. On stage was a large video screen showing a crown-like image with several symbols - the centerpiece being the Queen logo. No music played, leading up to the band, but every so often a large hum could be heard, prompting many fans to scream in excitement. The show, scheduled for an 8PM start did not start promptly. In fact after 20 minutes had passed, fans started stomping their feet and clapping their hands to the recognizable "We Will Rock You" as if to call the band on stage.

Finally around 8:30 after fans grew more restless the lights went down.  The videoboard that covered the stage began to rise, and out came a silhouetted Adam Lambert singing "Now I'm Here" before the full band comes in and all members are spotlighted. Almost all fans on the floor and lower level stood to their feet for the grand opening. However, majority of the 200 sections remained seated for the entire concert. In fact, most 200 sections remained seated until the encore. This could be different in other venues, the energy did seem to get lost up higher due to the Tacoma Dome's spread out footprint.

The setlist featured 30 songs in a marathon of a show. Each band member got a break at some point during the show that could allow for the 2.5 hour show. These breaks included Freddie Mercury clips, guitar solo's, fan interactions, and other partial band songs. No hit was left off the bill which included "Somebody to Love", "Bicycle Race", "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Under Pressure", and "Bohemian Rhapsody". Roger Taylor even performed now hit "I'm in Love With My Car" which became more well known after the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Adam Lambert at Tacoma Dome
Adam Lambert addresses the crowd about his fandom for Queen and comparisons to Freddie Mercury.

For those concerned about Adam Lambert filling Freddie Mercury's shoes, understand that he will not. Even Adam admits during the show that it is an impossible feat, and he is just there to celebrate Queen's music and carry out the legacy that the band has created. Once you get past that, you will find a very entertaining show that is equally focused on a show as it is the music. Props like a massive motorcycle are used during songs like "Bicycle", lasers run rampant, and Adam's outfit changes are plentiful.

The stage is put to good use. Adam Lambert uses the steps located at the back of the stage to elevated himself several times. Brian May uses the catwalk for nearly every guitar solo to bring him closer to the fans. There is a good portion of the set played on the B-Stage at the end of the runway to also give fans another perspective.

Disco Ball at Queen Concert
A disco ball illuminates the entire music venue during a Brian May guitar solo.

To end the night, the encore consists of classics "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" with every soul in the audience singing along. Confetti flies above the heads of fans sitting on the floor and Adam Lambert is dressed in royal attire - crown, robe and all. As the show came to an end, the crowd remained standing clearly pleased with the two hours that preceded the moment. Certainly the moment of the show was what prompted the applause, but it was decades of music and wonderful moments over the years that earned the ovation at the end of the night.

Queen Says Goodnight
Queen says goodnight after "We Are the Champions"
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Seeing Queen Live in 2019 FAQ

Is there an opening act?

There are not any opening acts listed on the bill for this tour. Fans should arrive early and be in their seats at showtime or they will risk missing part of the set!

Who is Adam Lambert?

Once an American Idol contestant/runner-up, Adam has blossomed and has turned out to have quite the career. He first played with the band in November 2011. Since then he has gone on multiple tours and made several tours with the band. Although he still has a solo career, Queen and Adam Lambert have become a popular ticket to see across North America.

Will any of Adam Lambert's solo music be played?

All music played on The Rhapsody Tour 2019 will be original Queen music. The purpose of the tour is to honor Queen's legacy with original members Brian May and Roger Taylor. While Adam has his own music, he is purely a showman to carry out Queen's music.

How long is the concert?

The band will play for about 2.5 hours. The setlist features around 30 songs. Typically, you can expect the show to end around 11PM local time.

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Queen Tours in Recent Years

Believe it or not, this upcoming Rhapsody Tour will be Queen's fifth tour since Adam Lambert joined the band back in 2012. Queen's most recent tour with Adam Lambert was simply called the Queen + Adam Lambert Tour. This stretch of shows took place during the summer of 2017 and featured stops in 25 US cities before subsequent travel across Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Similar to the Rhapsody Tour, the Queen + Adam Lambert Tour featured two original Queen members in Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Following the passing of legendary Queen front-man, Freddie Mercury, many wondered if Queen would ever tour again. Few believed anyone could command a stage like Mercury and fans latched onto classic records like "Killer Queen" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" to preserve the band's memory. This all changed in the early 2000's. Suddenly the band began making appearances with long time friend and collaborator, Paul Rogers. Riding this renewed excitement, Queen and Paul Rogers embarked on two worldwide tours in 2005 and 2008. Both grossed millions of dollars and highlighted to the band how important these live performances still were to their fans.

May and Lambert
Guitarist Brian May and singer Adam Lambert keeping Queen's flash, rock, and style alive.

Paul Rogers and Queen eventually split due to creative difference but all was not lost as this set the stage of Adam Lambert's entrance. Over the next eight years and four tours, Adam and Queen have truly found a sweet spot between honoring the musicianship / style of Queen while adding a new flare. Of course, no one can ever replace Freddie Mercury, but Adam Lambert does an unbelievable job honoring Freddie's legacy while adding his own signature style. Now, riding the success of the blockbuster hit "Bohemian Rhapsody," Queen and Adam Lambert are positioned to give fan their most exciting performances in decades on The Rhapsody Tour.

See the video below of Queen in Chicago from 2014.  It shows the great balance between Adam Lambert, lasting members of Queen, and the legacy of Freddie Mercury.

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Rhapsody Tour Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets are now on sale for Queen + Adam Lambert's Rhapsody Tour. Following the hit success of the Queen / Freddie Mercury bioptic Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen announced the Rhapsody Tour which spans 25 cities across North American during the summer of 2019. This will be Adam Lambert's 5th tour with Queen since joining in 2012. Tickets are expected to sell out fast as there is a new sense of excitement surrounding the band following Bohemian Rhapsody.

Demand for Queen tickets was exemplified during their most recent tour in 2017, the Queen + Adam Lambert Tour. During the North American leg of the tour, 19/25 shows sold out/nearly sold out. When taking into account the large crop of new fans and reinvigorated Queen groupies, every tour stop on The Rhapsody Tour is expected to have a packed house.

After the tour kicks off on July 10th in Vancouver, there are a couple places that may have an extra-exciting atmosphere. During the second week of The Rhapsody Tour, Queen will play back to back nights at the legendary Los Angeles venue, The Forum. Later, at the beginning of August, the band will work up the east coast culminating for two nights at Madison Square Garden.

To purchase tickets or to see the most up-to-date pricing information, click a show listed in the Rhapsody Tour Schedule.

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