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KISS Tour Schedule

KISS does not have any events currently scheduled!

KISS Ticket Prices & Tour History


One of the most popular KISS shows of 2023 was Saturday December 2nd at Madison Square Garden. Interest for that show was at its highest when ticket sales began. Interest continued and ticket prices increased as it got closer to December.

Across all KISS shows in 2023, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically fell about 15 - 20% from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2023

  • December 2nd - Madison Square Garden - $1020
  • October 20th - Little Caesars Arena - $200
  • November 25th - Gainbridge Fieldhouse - $280
  • October 22nd - Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse - $200
  • October 23rd - Bridgestone Arena - $260
  • October 25th - Enterprise Center - $205
  • November 22nd - Scotiabank Arena - $325
  • October 19th - Heritage Bank Center - $150
  • November 10th - Rogers Place - $435
  • November 8th - Rogers Arena - $310


The August 18th show at Xfinity Center (Mansfield) was one of the first shows KISS scheduled in 2021. In all, there were more than 20 shows scheduled across North America.

Ticket prices for KISS concerts in 2021 averaged about $235. Among these, the September 5th show in Milwaukee (American Family Insurance Amphitheater) was the cheapest, with an average ticket price less than $150.

Lowest Average Ticket Price for 2021

  • September 5th - American Family Insurance Amphitheater - $150
  • October 2nd - BOK Center - $155
  • November 5th - iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre - $180
  • August 28th - Coastal Credit Union Music Park (at Walnut Creek) - $190
  • September 12th - Toyota Amphitheatre - $200
  • August 26th - The Pavilion at Star Lake - $215
  • October 16th - Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre - $220
  • September 25th - North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre (Chula Vista) - $225
  • October 10th - Lakewood Amphitheatre - $235
  • September 10th - Shoreline Amphitheatre - $235
Previous KISS Concerts

KISS Setlist PPG Paints Arena March 30, 2019

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Deuce
4. Say Yeah
5. I Love It Loud
6. Heaven's on Fire
7. War Machine
8. Lick It Up
9. Calling Dr. Love
10. 100,000 Years
11. Cold Gin
12. God of Thunder
13. Psycho Circus
14. Let Me Go, Rock N Roll
15. Love Gun (B-Stage)
16. I Was Made for Lovin' You (B-Stage)
17. Black Diamond


18. Beth
19. Do You Love Me
20. Rock and Roll All Nite

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Lawn Seats for KISS

KISS will be hitting up some of the nation's largest amphitheaters as their farewell tour continues. This means that the cheap seats will be located in the lawn which are general admission. For any general admission show, the sooner you arrive the better view you will have to see KISS live. It is always recommended if you want a reserved space to get a seat in the pavilion. However, if you already have lawn seats, or the lawn fits your budget the best, there are a few tips to have the best experience.

Lawn Seats for KISS
The lawn can get very crowded for a sold out KISS show. Know the best places to sit before arriving!

Be Centered

The center of the lawn usually fills up the fastest. You might be inclined to go toward the sides because it can get you closer, but we suggest sitting center to the stage even if it means moving further away. There are a lot of theatrics to a KISS concert and you don't want to miss out due to a bad angle.

Prepare to Stand

If you're looking to sip some wine and relax to some music in the lawn look for another show at your local amphitheater. KISS fans are as passionate as it gets and they will be standing from the front to the back for the majority of the show. Be prepared to stand if you want to see everything.

See the Screens

Depending on the venue there will be multiple screens to help see parts of the show. Between songs, Paul Stanley will talk to the crowd and it helps to watch the screens. There are also parts of the show (like Gene Simmons spitting blood) that will be a little harder to see from the lawn. For these, its good to have a video screen to look to (or look away from). There will be an extra large screen behind the stage that is great for watching from a distance.

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KISS Tour Merchandise

Expect long lines if you are looking to purchase official The End of the Road Tour merchandise. The most popular item was definitely the tour t-shirt with all the farewell dates on it. This shirt costs $50 and was probably the average price for most items on sale at the merchandise booths.

KISS Merchandise
KISS merchandise can range from $15 to $100+

There are several varieties of shirts for sale including regualar band shirts. If a KISS tour t-shirt is a must for you, they are also available at their online store. This can help you avoid the long lines and relax before the show starts.

KISS Merchandise # 2
A look at the merchandise options.

Other items available for sale:

Hoodie: $85
Long Sleeve Shirt: $75
Mug: $20
Keychain $15

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End Of The Road Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an opener for KISS?

No. Fans should expect to be in their seats at the listed start time to ensure they do not miss the start of the show. Lines can be long, so it is best to arrive early. The band has a history of starting after the listed start time, but we do not recommend going off of that assumption.

How long is the KISS concert?

The show will last approximately 2 hours.

What do I wear at a KISS concert?

You will see fans go all out with KISS face paint and full costumes. However, wear whatever you want! The KISS Army is for anyone who enjoys their music. When in doubt, wear black.

Is there an encore?

Yes. The encore is 3 songs and will end with "Rock and Roll All Nite"

Where does Gene Simmons play on stage?

Gene Simmons will be on the left side when looking at the stage. Tommy Thayer on the right. Paul Stanley and Eric Singer will be in the center.

How long will The End of the Road Tour last?

KISS has announce their last show will be on July 17th, 2021. They hitting most markets before then, so make sure to find the next date near you!

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What to Expect on KISS' Final Tour

There is no opener for KISS as they hit the road for the final time. For the shows that we went to they took the stage about 30 minutes after the listed time on our tickets. However, be sure to still arrive early. We found fans lining up at the doors hours before the gates even opened. Once at your seats a big banner will be covering the stage to keep the secrets of the show hidden from the anticipating crowd.

Before the band is ready to take the stage,the lights will go down and music will play. If you are not in your seats, you have about 3 minutes before the band plays their first song, and trust us when we say you don't want to miss it!

"You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world KISS!" From there the stage transforms from a simple curtain to chaos. Smoke, fire, sparklers, you name it - nothing is off limits. The band members will be on raised stages as they slowly move to the ground addressing the crowd for the first time while rocking out to "Detroit Rock City".

KISS Live 2019
Fire balls light up the stage during the opening number.

When facing the stage, Gene Simmons will be on the left Paul Stanley in the center, Tommy Thayer on the right and Eric Singer centered on the drums in the back. While the band members will move around the stage throughout the concert, they will mostly stay close to these locations.

Lights and lasers are located throughout the stage. Honeycomb-like panels will raise and lower changing the lighting throughout the show. The main focal point of the stage is a massive LED screen that will show close ups of each member as they rock the crowd. The KISS set-list is about 20 songs long which includes a three song encore. 

KISS Crowd
Sold out crowd in Pittsburgh loving KISS' Final Tour

Some of the classic KISS concert features will be present throughout the show. During "War Machine" Gene will breathe fire at the end of the song. Each band member will be highlighted individually starting with a "100,000 Years" drum solo. Next, take cover when Tommy Thayer will get a guitar solo before "Cold Gin" and shoot sparks out of his guitar. Finally, to round out the individual portion of the show, Gene Simmons will take to a floating stage and spew blood before singing "God of Thunder". Classic KISS rock moves will be used throughout the show.

Towards the end of the set, Paul Stanley announces he wants to "join the crowd" and flies to the B-Stage for a couple songs including "I Was Made for Lovin You". This portion of the set is short lived, so for fans expecting multiple songs or members on the B-Stage you won't get it.

KISS flying over the crowd
Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer float over the crowd on extending contraptions.

Finally, during the encore you will get the song that most people bought their KISS tickets for back in the day "Rock and Roll All Nite". The opening riff ends with an explosion and so much confetti fills the air that you can barley even see the stage anymore. As somewhat of a final bow, large firetruck-like ladders swoop down and pick up Gene and Tommy and swing them over the crowd (arena shows only). You may want to rock 'n roll all night, but this is the last song in the night and soon to be the last song of KISS' historic live career. Don't miss this last chance!

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Review of KISS' Farewell Tour

At, we can only provide the best seats for any concert by attending the events ourselves. When KISS announced their final tour ever, it was instantly circled on our calendar to attend - knowing the KISS Army would be wondering what to expect on the End of the Road Tour.

So off we went to PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh on a crisp March evening. The excitement was apparent with fans wrapped around the block waiting to get nearly three hours before the show was even scheduled to start! It is not uncommon for fans to line up early for shows. However, we typically see the longest lines where there is a general admission floor where fans are itching to get as close as possible to their favorite artist. For all of the KISS shows on this tour the seating is reserved so it was a bit of a surprise to see such long lines.

Many in the crowd had their face painted like the band members. A few went to the extreme and had full blown outfits. Sitting near us was a Gene Simmons look-a-like who spent the entire time before the show taking photos with other fans. Since this is the final time fans can see the band, the merchandise booths were slammed as expected. This was probably a partial reason for such an early arriving crowd. Tip - avoid the lines and shop online!

KISS Stage
The stage is covered hiding the elements of the show.

The stage remained covered by a large black sheet with the band's logo as the crowd began to fill in. There is not an opener on The End of the Road Tour so rock music played over the speakers as fans waited anxiously. The 8:00 start time is only a suggestion for a band like KISS and it was probably for the best that they came on later as only about 3/4 of the sold out crowd were in their seats at the scheduled start time. It is also not unusual for shows without openers to give late-comers extra time and allow fans to grab food and drink before the show kicks off.

Finally, around 8:30 the lights went down the classic Led Zepplin song "Rock and Roll" blasted the crowd to their feet.

"Pittsburgh! You wanted the best. You got the best. The hottest band in the world. KISS!"

KISS Concert Pryo
Tommy Thayer and Gene Simmons rise above the crowd on The End Of The Road Tour

Down fell the curtain, sparks, smoke, lights - pure sensory overload. The band isn't standing on stage but instead floating down on platforms as if to arrive from the other planet from which they come. Simply put, it is everything you would expect from KISS in 2019 (and 2020 for the later dates).

The band does not shy away from what has made them the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers that they are. Of course they have been heavily criticized for some of their antics as well, but if you are looking to see KISS live you probably don't care for those opinions - nor should you. 

Gene Simmons is located on the left side of the stage for most of the show, sticking his tongue out and pointing to the crowd. Paul Stanley will be front and center in his over-sized boots hyping the crowd up. Tommy Thayer is to his right wearing his V-shaped armor which reflects the light like a disco ball. Finally, toward the back and centered is Eric Singer in his "The Catman" face paint. The band as a whole sounds strong and rocks out. The dance moves have tamed over the years and they move a little slower on their wedged-out boots, but they are pushing their 70's after all. Paul's voice has worn over the years, but the crowd didn't seem to mind. If you want classic KISS you'll get it. Expect fire, blood, and a whole lot of bright lights.

KISS Lights
KISS' lights can be blinding at time, but create the perfect over-the-top atmosphere.

The song selection on The End of the Road Tour encompasses the band's entire discography. With classics like "Shout It Out Loud", "Calling Dr. Love", and "Detroit Rock City". If you thought the opening or at any part of the show was crazy, just wait for the finale when the band plays arguably their most popular song "Rock and Roll All Nite". This will come at the third song of the encore and you will know it when all confetti comes pouring out of cannons located around the venue. And when we say pouring it is not an exageration because the stage almost becomes hard to see. Gene and Thommy board crane platforms that glide them over the crowd as they say farewell to the city for the final time (tonight).

KISS has extended their tour and have said their final show EVER will take place on July 17th 2021 in New York, New York.Be sure to check out the KISS Tour Dates for 2020 and 2021 leading up to that show to see them for the final time!

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Best Seats for the End Of The Road Tour

Those that know KISS know the spectacle that comes with a live show. For their End of the Road Tour, the band is pulling out all the theatrics including pyro, floating stages, and blood.

Go For the Sides

At arena shows, the best balance between being close and getting the most out of other elements of the show is in the side sections. Not only will the change in elevation make it easier to see compared to floor seats, but the show will come to you at the end when Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer go flying over the side sections. Being on the side will also bring you closer to the fire where you can feel the heat. The stage is very deep for arena shows so don't be worried about obstructed views.

Side view at KISS
Gene Simmons flies over the side sections at an arena show in Pittsburgh.

If your show is at an Amphitheater, try to stay centered to the stage. The stage will be full of lights, screens, and other production elements. Sitting centered will help make sure all of this is in clear view. The band will not fly over the crowd for shows in amphitheaters.

What to Know About End Seats

Arena shows will also feature a B-Stage. This stage will only be used by lead singer Paul Stanley for two songs. For some fans this is worth it to save and be close for a few songs. For others it'l be better to look for cheaper seats that are closer to the main stage. Even if it means sitting in the upper level.

B Stage for End of the Road Tour
Lead singer, Paul Stanley, heads out the the B-Stage for a couple songs.

Amphitheater shows will have this secondary stage as well. Typically it will be located near the mix toward the center of seating. Paul will arrive by flying over the crowd on a zip-line.

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KISS On The Road

With The End of The Road Tour notching the 34th tour in KISS's legendary career, it would be nearly imporssible to recap every tour which has preceded this final journey. Instead we'll cover three of the most recent major tours and highlight why they were important to the band and the KISS Army.

The first tour that must be highlighted is the previous "final tour ever," the 2000-2001 KISS Farewell tour. While this was the farewell tour of the original drummer, Peter Criss, the remaining three members went on to tour 12 more times! Some may ask, "if the band was supposedly calling in quits back in 2000, have can we be so sure this 2019 tour will be their last?" The short answer is we can't. The long answer is, it more than likely will be. With Gene Simmons at 69, Paul Stanley at 67, and Eric Singer at 61, all members are getting up there in age. Additionally, as anyone who has seen KISS live will contend, a KISS concert is not your everyday concert. All members are stomping around in huge platform shoes, wearing full makeup, breathing fire, flying around on hoists, cuing explosions, etc... i.e. no easy task for 60 year olds. That said, back in 2000 when the band had every intention of hanging it all to rest, Gene Simmons often sites the enthusiasm of the fans on that 2000 tour as the motivating force to drive the band to continue. In summary, go crazy during The End of the Road Tour and maybe we'll get another 19 years.

Kiss Previous Tours
KISS hitting the stage and celebrating 40 years of music

After the KISS Farewell Tour, the next major tour came in 2008-2010 to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary. This concert tour saw KISS in 34 different countries with over 100 dates in total. The setlist featured songs from 11 separate albums but the majority of songs came from the iconic albums Destroyer(1976) and Kiss(1974). The tour also coincided with the success of Gene Simmon's hit TV show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels."

The final major tour that took place before The End of the Road Tour was KISS's 2014-15 The KISS 40th Anniversary World Tour. This tour was (you guessed it) in celebration of the band's fourth decade of playing music. While this tour was smaller than the previous two mentioned at only 93 dates, there were some interesting aspects to this Anniversary Tour. For one, the first 42 shows on the tour were co-headlinined with fellow rockers Def Leppard. Then following those 42 shows, KISS played a 10 show residency at The Joint in Las Vegas. What's crazy about that Las Vegas residency is that the capacity is max 4,000, whereas the majority of the venues they were playing on the tour were minimum 15,000. This provided the KISS Army a more intimate experience with the band to celebrate their 40 years.

As the tours come to an end, millions and millions of fans will remember KISS as one of the most exciting live performance experiences of all time.

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KISS - Final Tour Ever

After a legendary career spanning over four decades, KISS has announced their final tour ever, The End of the Road Tour. Set to take place between January 21st and December 19th of 2019, the KISS Army is invited to join Gene Simmons and the band for "One Last KISS." KISS announced the "Final Tour Ever" following their performance of "Detroit Rock City" during the season 13 finale of Americas got Talent

This 2019 KISS world tour spans four continents and over 100 dates in total.

Despite the abundance of shows, tickets are expected to sell out fast for the original glam rock kings of rock & roll. During the first North America leg of the tour, which spanned Jan 31st to May 3rd of 2019, 41/45 dates sold out! KISS fans are encouraged to purchase tickets early as this may be the last chance ever to witness the fire spitting, smoke, explosions, and Gene's tongue which have become staples of KISS concerts.

While announcing a "final tour" has become a recent ploy to drive ticket sales, many believe this will be the bands last run considering they are nearing 70. Of course, fans still remember back 19 years ago when KISS embarked on the KISS Farewell tour. Even though that was the last tour to feature drummer Peter Criss; members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer compiled 11 more tours between the initial "KISS Farewell Tour" and this 2019 End of the Road Tour. This 2019 KISS tour will be the bands 34th tour ever.

To purchase tickets or catch the most up to date ticket pricing information, click a show listed below in The End of the Road Tour Schedule.

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