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Indigo Girls Ticket Prices & Tour History


Indigo Girls has scheduled a few shows in the United States and Canada thus far this year. Most of these shows have been at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre in Pompano Beach. Listed below are some of the most recent shows of the year.

Recent Shows This Year

  • March 25th - Pompano Beach Amphitheatre


One of the most popular Indigo Girls shows of 2021 was Wednesday September 22nd at Filene Center at Wolf Trap. Interest for that show peaked in the days leading up to the event and ticket prices declined during that time.

Across all Indigo Girls shows in 2021, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically fell about 80 - 85% from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2021

  • September 22nd - Filene Center at Wolf Trap - $170
  • May 30th - St. Augustine Amphitheatre - $185
  • September 10th - Ravinia - $215
  • September 28th - Ryman Auditorium - $110
  • September 30th - Ryman Auditorium - $135