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Green Day is scheduled to play 29 shows. The 2024 dates are set to happen in 28 cities across three countries. Fans looking to attend can look at ticket options by selecting a show from the list below. For detailed information about each show, ticket availability, pricing, and other, please refer to the event schedule or FAQs below.

Fans can also read about Green Day historical pricing for shows that have happened in the past. Use this information to understand what cities might be popular or what to expect for ticket prices for upcoming tour dates.

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Green Day 2024 Tour Schedule

  • 29
    Green Day
    Wembley Stadium - London
  • 29
    Green Day
    Nationals Park - Washington DC, DC
  • 1
    Green Day
    Rogers Centre - Toronto, ON
  • 2
    Osheaga - 3 Day Pass
    Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, QC
  • 3
    Osheaga Music and Arts Festival - Saturday
    Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, QC
  • 5
    Green Day
    Citi Field - New York, NY
  • 7
    Green Day
    Fenway Park - Boston, MA
  • 9
    Green Day
    Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA

Green Day Tour FAQs

Where can I see Green Day at a music festival?

Green Day are slated to play in multiple festivals. Below is a list of festivals and the contries they are located.

  • 2024 - Osheaga - Montreal - CA
  • 2024 - Osheaga Music and Arts Festival - Montreal - CA

How Much are Cheap Green Day Tickets?

For the shows in the US, the average low price to see Green Day is $72. Ticket prices are always fluctuating and can vary from show to show.

The three cheapest events on the schedule are:

These prices reflect how much it is to get in the door. Fans should expect to pay more for better seats.

Green Day Ticket Prices & Tour History


One of the most popular Green Day shows of 2021 was Sunday August 15th at Wrigley Field. Interest for that show was at its highest when ticket sales began. The interest resulted in high ticket prices that dropped as the show neared.

Across all Green Day shows in 2021, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically fell about 70 - 75% from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2021

  • August 15th - Wrigley Field - $455
  • August 27th - Oracle Park - $210
  • September 6th - T-Mobile Park - $225
  • August 8th - Nationals Park - $350
  • August 1st - Hard Rock Stadium - $195
  • September 1st - American Family Insurance Amphitheater - $245
Previous Green Day Concerts

Tips for Buying Green Day Tickets at Baseball Stadiums

Many fans will be seeing their first concert in a baseball this summer for Green Day's Hella Mega Tour with Fall of Boy and Weezer. This leaves many to question what are the best seats for a concert in a baseball stadium when searching for Green Day tickets?

Baseball stadiums are some of the most unique venues in the country with each one being very different from the next. So of course it will differ by stadiums like Wrigley Field where there are poles that can obstruct your view to Dodger Stadium where the upper level make you feel like you're watching from outer space. Below we will break it down by the different areas to pay attention to when buying tickets.

The Pit

Tickets in the pit section will be the closest seats for a Green Day concert. There are two catches to this for most people though. First, the price. It will be one of the more expensive tickets just because fans can be so close compared to everyone else. Second, there are no seats in the general admission pit, so fans close to the stage will have to stand the entire time. With Fall Out Boy and Weezer playing before Green Day, fans in the pit will have to be prepared to stand for several hours.

View from the pit at Wrigley Field
The pit allows for fans to be as close as possible.

The Floor (Field)

The next closest option to the pit are field seats (also known as the floor). Baseball stadiums do not sit fans on the infield of the baseball diamond, so all the field seating is located in the outfield. A protective flooring will be placed over the grass, so if it is raining don't worry about mud or ruining your shoes on the field.

Besides a football stadium, a baseball stadium will fit the largest amount of fans on the floor. The seats are typically of the folding chair variety. The biggest upside of these seats is that they will be closer than anything located iside the seating bowl. The biggest downside of these seats is that there is not any elevation between rows leaving it harder to see the band at stage level.

Side Sections

Now of course a baseball stadium was never designed to host concerts. It was designed for well... baseball. Some of the cheapest tickets to Green Day in 2020 will be found off to the side of the stage or in the corners when describing it in relation to the field. The price is attractive is for a reason and that is because with these seats come some inconveniences. One of the biggest is the view of the stage. Temporary stages create large obstructions the futher off to the the side that you get. When getting too far, video screens and even Tre Cool sitting toward the back of the stage could be out of view.

Side views at Wrigley Field
As you move toward the side, the back of the stage gets harder to see.

Another reason for the lower price points is that in most cases the seats will actually be angles slightly away from the stage (and toward home plate). While this won't matter as much if you plan to stand, it can be uncomfortale or annoying when trying to sit and ejoy the show.

Lower Level

Most averaged priced tickets for the Hella Mega tour will fall in the lower level at baseball stadiums. For us at this is where we typically prefer to sit due to a variety of reasons. First, the natural incline between rows makes it much easier to see the show. Nobody likes fighting to see and anyone on the shorter side would appreciate anything that helps them see better. Plus, the stage will be designed with massive video screens to help even the furthest fan follow along.

Lower Bowl seating for a concert
The lower bowl allows for fans to take in the entire concert atmosphere.

Next are the amenities. Food, drinks, and restrooms will be closer than any seat on the field. Since the stadium was designed for people to be in the seats, it's just natural that these would be easier to get to. Finally, as long as you aren't located in the side sections (as previously discussed), the lower level seats offer a good overall view of the whole concert atmosphere. While a baseball field isn't an ideal place for a concert, this location offers the best seats overall in our opinion.

Upper Level

If you're to this point and still haven't found what you're looking for don't worry. There are good seats up here too. These seats have much of the same benefits of the lower level, but are just a little bit higher. The key here is to just make sure you aren't too high in the stadium that you feel removed. To do that, shoot for the bottom half of the upper level. The first three rows will always be the best.

High seats for a concert at baseball stadium
Be careful not to purchase seats that are too high up or you will feel removed from the show.

Another downfall is the sound quality. Music is just a bunch of sound waves moving through the air and they are no match for strong winds. The higher you get at most stadiums the windier it will be which is why again it is best to put the emphasis on the lower half of the upper deck.

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Father Of All... In 2020!

Billie Joe Armstong and company are now closer to their fifites than they are their punk teenage years that sent them soaring to the mainstream in the 90's and early 2000's. That doesn't make a difference to them or their fans however as they are set to release their first album since 2016's Revolution Radio and twelth since their first album 39/Smooth in 1990.

On this new album the band's frontman describes the mindset as "wanting to do something different" while pulling influences from British mod music from the sixties. The first song realeased off the album was the title track "Father of All..." and that difference can be heard. Billie's voice is almost unrecognizable compared to their biggest songs off American Idiot and Dookie.

Further details on the album include more hints of the sixties sound and dancable grooves. "It was like a unicorn falling out of the sky", describes Armstrong. The albums release is out February 7th and a world-wide tour will follow in June and hit the United States on July 17th in Washington. The tour is called Hella Mega Tour and features fellow rock groups Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

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Revolution Radio Tour

Green Day toured extensively in 2016 and 2017 to support their 12 studio album Revolution. The tour opened up in the US playing several small general admission venues before the album even dropped. As you can imagine, tickets to see Green Day in a venue with a couple thousand person capacity were in high demand when the band could easily sell out venues that could fit tens of thousands. The Revolution Radio Tour was their first dates since their 2013 tour for the album 99 Revolutions.

Green Day at Aragon Ballroom 2016
Green Day plays Aragon Ballroom in 2016

It wasn't until the spring and summer of 2017 that the Revolution Radio Tour went on a normal scale for a band their size playing sports arenas and stadiums across America. Their first leg played indoor arenas in cities that they wouldn't be hitting later that year.  Nearly every stop on the tour sold out, proving that rock 'n roll is not dead just yet for the punk rockers.

Green Day at Wrigley Field 2017
Green Day takes on Wrigley Field in Chicago during the Revolution Radio Tour 2017

The Revolution Radio Tour 2017 setlist had a great mix of old and new Green Day tunes. They dated all the way back to their 1991 release with "Welcome to Paradise" and played at least one song from each album after that leading up to their 2016 release. Twenty-seven songs completed the Green Day show

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Hella Mega Tour To Take Over the US in Summer 2020

Green Day is hitting the road with some friends this summer in what should be one of the biggest summer tours in 2020.  They are calling it the Hella Mega Tour and it consists of Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer.  The excitement began in September of 2019 when the bands started dropping hints about coming together for some shows. Tickets for the Hella Mega Tour will go on sale in September of 2019 and stay on sale through the date of the shows.

This is the first time for fans to see Green Day live since they toured in 2016 for their album Revolution Radio. This tour is playing many of the same venues as that last tour, but this time they're bringing some real star power with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. The tour will open up at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, WA on July 17th before making its way across the country and ending at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on August 29th. Other notable stops include Boston's historic Fenway Park, Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium, and Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

The Hella Mega Tour isn't the only thing fans are looking forward to in 2020. All three bands will have new albums out in the new year as well which will most likely have some songs make it into the live shows. 

There are twenty dates on the Hella Mega Tour Schedule across the US and Canada, but those aren't the only countries the trio will be headed to. Green Day will be opening up with several stops in Asia before linking up with Weezer in Germany. Finally, Fall Out Boy jumps on the bill June 13th in Paris until the bands wrap up European dates on June 29th in Ireland.

Stay tuned to for the most up to date Hella Mega Tour information and tickets.

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