Grateful Dead's Chicago Reunion Shows: A Guide to Soldier Field's Unique Seating Chart

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band, the four original members of Grateful Dead will perform together at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 3, 4, and 5, 2015. Appropriately named "Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead," the event will mark the last time the band will perform together. Find out where the best seats are for the shows at Soldier Field, and why a $600 ticket still won't get you a good view.

Grateful Dead 1970
The reunion in Chicago marks the 50th anniversary of Grateful Dead

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Grateful Dead's Reunion

The band's reunion takes place in the same venue they held their last concert, almost 20 years ago. Chicago's Soldier Field is transformed into a concert venue, with the stage located on the North end zone area and the rest of the field acting as floor sections.

The seating chart for all three performances are identical, and they feature over 60,000 reserved seating options as well as a General Admission Pit and General Admission Field section.

Reserved Seating Options

Reserved seating is available in all the pre-existing stadium seats, which entirely surround the stage and floor sections. This includes the area behind the stage, where current ticket prices are over $600, even though these sections may only see the backside of the performance, if at all, since stage equipment may block views.

The views from seats that are near the side or back of the stage or that are blocked by some sort of structure, are considered obstructed. Most views in sections located behind the northern end zone will likely be obstructed due to their location near the side or back of the stage.

Grateful Dead Solider Field Seating Chart
Chicago's Soldier Field will be transformed to accommodate the three-night reunion of Grateful Dead

Unobstructed Viewing

Reserved seating with great views is available, but will come with a hefty price tag. Seats in the lower sections surrounding the field are priced at around $1,000. However, fans in the 100 level sections, near the north end of the field will have the closest views from reserved seats.

The cheapest reserved seating options without an obstructed view are on the 400 level, located on the west side of the stadium. These seats are located close to the side of the stage, but will still offer some good views for much of the performance.

General Admission Seating

The General Admission Pit section offers the best views in the stadium, and at the highest price, but will be standing room only and first-come, first-serve for ticket holders. Fans should arrive up to a few hours in advance to get a good spot in this area, which will get them as close to the stage as possible.

There is another section located behind the Pit, starting around the 50 yard line, called the General Admission Field. Fans will want to arrive early to get a good spot in this sections as well, but will not find the close views like the Pit section and should not that the field is not elevated for better viewing.

Grateful Dead Dancing Bears
Grateful Dead's original members will perform together for the last time on July 3, 4 and 5, 2015

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