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Freestyle Explosion Ticket Price Trends & Tour History


Freestyle Explosion has played a few shows in the United States and Canada thus far this year. Most of these shows have been at SAP Center in San Jose. Listed below are some of the most recent shows of the year.

Recent Shows This Year

  • April 9th - SAP Center


One of the most popular Freestyle Explosion shows of 2018 was Saturday September 15th at Amalie Arena. Interest for that show was at its highest when ticket sales began. The interest resulted in high ticket prices that dropped as the show neared.

Across all Freestyle Explosion shows in 2018, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically fell about 20 - 25% from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2018

  • September 15th - Amalie Arena - $100
  • July 14th - SAP Center - $80
  • June 16th - Honda Center - $95
  • August 18th - Wells Fargo Center - $80
  • September 29th - Pechanga Arena - $120
  • June 2nd - Alamodome - $80
  • July 7th - Santa Barbara Bowl - $255