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Feed The Streetz Tour Ticket Price Trends & Tour History


Feed The Streetz Tour has played a few shows in the United States and Canada thus far this year. Most of these shows have been at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro. Listed below are some of the most recent shows of the year.

Recent Shows This Year

  • April 2nd - Greensboro Coliseum


The May 15th show at Barclays Center was one of the first shows Feed The Streetz Tour played in 2020. In all, there were more than a half-dozen shows across North America.

Ticket prices for Feed The Streetz Tour concerts in 2020 averaged about $145. Among these, the August 1st show in Greensboro (Greensboro Coliseum) was the cheapest, with an average ticket price less than $195.

Lowest Average Ticket Price for 2020

  • August 1st - Greensboro Coliseum - $195
  • July 17th - State Farm Arena - $195
  • May 30th - Wintrust Arena - $225
  • May 22nd - The Forum - $255