Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams Tour

After completing a three-month run that took them through South America and Europe, Coldplay is set to begin a 7-week tour through the biggest cities in North America. The tour will stop at fewer than 20 cities and will be book-ended by shows in New York and San Francisco. Canadian singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara, will join the band as it embarks on the third leg of their seventh full tour.


The United States leg of the Head Full of Dreams Tour makes just 19 stops as it travels from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey towards Levi's stadium near San Francisco where the band performed with Beyonce and Bruno Mars for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Along the way, Coldplay will play seven of the most popular football stadiums in the country and twelve indoor arenas.

Coldplay will play two shows each at MetLife Stadium, Solider Field (Chicago) and the Rose Bowl (Los Angeles). Each of these two-show runs includes a Saturday and Sunday show, with ticket prices for the Sunday shows selling for about 35% less than the Saturday night performances. Currently, the most expensive stop on the tour is the single Saturday show at Cowboys Stadium - near Dallas - on August 27th.

Among the indoor venues, a Wednesday night show in Indianapolis on July 20th is the least expensive ticket. The get-in price for the sole show in Indianapolis is 75% less expensive than the get-in price at Cowboys Stadium. Based on average ticket prices, fans seem to be preferring the outdoor nature of the football stadiums ($100 average get-in price) over the more intimate setting of the indoor arenas ($60 average get-in price).

Head Full of Dreams Stage Setup

Because Coldplay is playing both extra-large (60,000+ seats) venues and standard-size arenas (15,000 - 20,000 seats), there is a rather significant difference in how the stage is setup.

During Coldplay's previous tour, a large catwalk extended from the stage, through the floor sections and almost reached head-on seating at the other end of the venue. For arena shows on the Head Full of Dreams Tour, the stage will still include a catwalk, but it only extends about halfway across the floor.

With extra room on the floor/field and more people to make happy, the performances at major football venues will have two catwalks and two b-stages. And instead of extending straight out onto the field, these extra stages loop through the front of floor seating.

Best Seats for the Coldplay Tour

Unlike previous tours, Coldplay is not offering any general admission tickets on the floor. That used to be the best way to score an inexpensive ticket and have a chance to be right up against the stage. Instead, If you want to be in one of the ever-popular rail seats this time around you're going to have to choose a reserved seat against the catwalk or up against the main stage or b-stage.

At an indoor stadium like Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Floor Section 5 - which is right up against the B-stage - will get a head-on view of the main stage and an incredible view when the action moves to the B-stage. Similarly, side sections that are away from the main stage (like 103-104 and 114-115 at Nationwide) will have a beautiful view of the B-stage and should be considered better than usual.

Choosing floor/field seats at one of the football venues will be a little more difficult. At the Gillette Stadium show, for instance, Section A3 is the closest center section on the field. When the performance is on the main stage, there will be no better seats. However, when action loops around the catwalks and onto the B-stages, fans in these sections will have to turn around to see the performance and will likely be looking at Chris Martin's back. In turn, sections not one on the floor - and especially those pushed back from the stage with a little elevation - are ideal for seeing the performance most comfortably. At the Gillette Stadium show, this would include club sections 9-10 and 31-32

A Head Full Of Dreams Tour - Buenos Aires


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