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Seating Overview

The Wharf Amphitheater is a premier music destination in Southern Alabama that is just steps from the Gulf of Mexico. This open-air venue attracts some of the country's biggest music acts.

There are three levels of common seating (each with their own experience) and one area containing box seats.

100 Level

The closest seats to the stage are in the 100 Level. For some concerts this is a reserved seating area with sections labeled 100-104. These sections are made up of folding chairs and guests seated at the front have the best views.

Many Wharf concerts feature a general admission pit where sections 100-104 usually are. This is a standing-room-only area and spaces are first-come, first-serve.

200 Level

The 200 Level is reserved seating on bleachers (with back support). Sections 200-203 are at the front of the level with sections 204-206 at the rear. Most of sections 204-206 are wheelchair-accessible.

Guests should avoid sections 202 and 205 completely due to the mixing stand setup in front. This blocks the view of the stage.

300 Level

The cheapest tickets at The Wharf are usually in the 300 Level. These are bleacher-style seats (no back support) that rise above the lower levels.

The first ten rows of sections 304 and 305 are obstructed. For the best experience, choose a low row in sections 303 or 306.

Box Seats

Box Seats at The Wharf Amp are located between the 100 and 200 Levels. These are semi-private areas and amenities (wait service, club access, etc.) varies from show-to-show.

Best Seats at The Wharf Amphitheater

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 303, Section 304, Section 305 and Section 306 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Shaded & Covered Seating

  • What sections at The Wharf Amphitheater are covered?

    The Wharf is an open-air amphitheater. None of the seats are covered, allowing fans to enjoy the smell and breeze of the Gulf.

Obstructed Seating

  • Avoid Row(s) A-K in Section(s) 202, 205, 304 and 305 -

    The mixing booth at The Wharf is located behind Section 102. This obstructs the view to the stage from the following sections:

    • Sections 202 and 205
    • Rows A-K in Sections 304 and 305

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

The Wharf Amphitheater Seating Reviews

  • "Hardy - Oct 14, 2023" - - Perfect seats! Close to the action. Everything was clear with no obstructions from structures or obj...
    Section 203, Row H   Verified Customer
  • "Dave Matthews Band - Jul 26, 2023" - - I was pretty thankful to score these seats for the price that we did. All seats around us were liste...
    Section 103, Row W   Verified Customer
  • Section 304, Row W   Verified Customer
  • Venue & Seating Questions

    • How many rows in each section at The Wharf Amphitheater?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

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