Tanglewood Bench Seats

Features & Amenities

Some of the more unique seats at Tanglewood Shed are the benches on the side and rear of the pavilion.

Side Benches

Just off to the sides of the Middle Orchestra sections, the Side Benches offer 23 lettered rows of park-style bench seating (Row A at the front, Row W at the back).

The benches off a less expensive option for getting closer to the stage, however support beams on the outsides of the Orchestra sections will obstruct the view from many of these seats.

If the park benches sound like a good option but you're worried about comfort, seat cushions can be rented from Tanglewood for a small fee.

Rear Benches

Bench seating is also found at the back of the reserved seating area. These seats are just barely under the roof, and fans could potentially get a little wet if should be raining during a show.

Support beams located at the back of the rear orchestra will impact the view from some of these rear bench seats.

These seats are ideal for a guest looking to save money who also doesn't want to sit in the exposed, general admission Lawn.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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