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Sun Devil Stadium Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • East Sideline Club - The East Sideline Club spans the entire sideline behind sections 26-32 and visitors sideline. This location offers the perfect view of the game with i...
  • Legends Club (Arizona State Games) - Located on the Southwest side of the stadium, the Legends' Club is one of a few premier clubs housed at Sun Devil Stadium. One main reason is the extr...

Bleacher-back Seating

Bleacher-back seats are benches with back support

Endzone Seating

  • Endzone Seating - Located on the lowest tier of the stadium and behind the endzones, these seats offer a close proximity to the field and being just behind the goal lin...

Arizona State Sideline & Visitor Sideline

Arizona State Sideline - The Arizona State sideline is in front of Section 6, Section 7 and Section 8
Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Section 28, Section 29 and Section 30

Seats with Backs

Sideline Seating

  • Sideline Seating - Running between the endzones on the lower tier of the stadium is the Lower Level Sideline. Excellent proximity to the field and great sight lines of ...

Sun Devil Stadium Seat Views

Sun Devil Stadium Seating Reviews

  • "Only covered row behind this endzone" - - Row 38 behind the south end zone at Sun Devil Stadium has some extra added perks that I wasn't expec...
    Section 40, Row 38, Seat 13
  • "Difficult to see far side" - - I thought I was getting a great deal buying tickets in the 14th row at Sun Devil Stadium. The issue ...
    Section 24, Row 14, Seat 6
  • "Terrible for first quarter... then great!" - - Heads up, sun will be in your eyes sitting on this side of the stadium until about 6:15pm. When I re...
    Section 28, Row 34, Seat 5
  • "Bait and switch" - - They claim that these club level seats include complimentary food, wine and beer is completely false...
    Section 206, Row 6, Seat 4
  • "Old but not uncomfortable" - - Need to take a ramp. Paid for food but hotdogs were awful. 2 ladies rooms adjacent to seats but we...
    Section 135, Row 2, Seat 17
  • "Cool" - - K
    Section 29, Row 13, Seat 24
  • "GREAT SEATS!!" -
    Section 7, Row 5, Seat 11
  • Section 5
  • Section 16, Row 29   Verified Customer
  • Other Photos From Sun Devil Stadium

    Old school, bleacher-style benches are found throughout Sun Devil Stadium. While these aluminum benches are not the most comfortable, they do provide an intimate communal experience when watching football games.
    The newly renovated East Sideline Club is located below the 200/300 numbered seats at Sun Devil Stadium. These club seats offer an exclusive experience for fans, including special food & beverage options depending on the package purchased.
    The new Legends Clubs at Sun Devil Stadium is located on the west side of the stadium directly below the 200 numbered sections. This exclusive club features a climate-controlled lounge with various amenities such as a full-service complimentary buffet, a private bar, and chairback seats with an exceptional view of the game.
    Sun Devil Stadium recently built some new club seats below the north end-zone scoreboard. These seats are very exclusive and feature only three rows of seating ensuring a very private viewing experience.
    The north endzone jumbotron at Sun Devil Stadium is backed with LED lights and is easy to view during both day and night games.
    The south end-zone 100 level seats at Sun Devil Stadium feature a chairback. These seats also do not have cup holders but the rounded plastic chairback greatly improves the comfort level. Also, these seats are covered so fans can expect to be protected from the sun and/or rain while watching the game.
    The newly renovated south end-zone marquee adds some new viewing experiences at Sun Devil Stadium. Located inside the overhang, fans will find exclusive box seats. Below the box seats, are the 100 numbered seats which are covered. Further beyond the 100 level is a row of wheel chair and standing room only seating.
    Beyond the south endzone at Sun Devil Stadium fans will find a row of ADA accessible seating in addition to a rail behind the ADA seats designated for standing room only.
    The West Sideline Club at Sun Devil Stadium is located below the 200 and 300 numbered sections within the upper deck. The West Sideline Club is divided into three distinct clubs: The Legends' Club, The Coach's Club, and a strip of private clubs.