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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

While many fans prefer to focus solely on the lower level, some of the best seats at the Target Center are located in the first few rows of the 200 level. In particular, you'll find that the first row in sections 209-213 and 229-233 are just about 10 feet above the last row in the lower level. With a ticket price that is usually far less than those in the lower level, these seats offer exceptional value.

When choosing seats, carefully consider the row you will be sitting in. Because there is an enormous difference between sitting in the first row and the last row, it's best to sacrifice a center court view if you can sit in a lower row in an adjacent section. For example, sitting in row 3 in section 230 is preferred to row 20 in section 231.

Besides for better views of the court, another reason to favor lower rows is that you'll have to contend with fewer stairs. Upper level sections contain as many as 22 rows with the section entrance at row 3. If you're in the aforementioned row 20, you'll have to walk up and down 17 rows of stairs each time you need a snack or drink.   -

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