Target Center

Target Center Upper Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

When seated behind the basket on the upper level, the first you'll notice is how close you are to the court. Because the Target Center does not house a hockey team, the baseline sections are not pushed egregiously far away from the court. In turn, these sections offer better views than expected.

For the best overall sightlines, choose a low row in a section that is not directly behind the basket (avoid 201 and 221). The view from the lower rows (A-H) will be comparable to those from the lower level and being off-set from the basket will give you less obstructed sightlines to the court.

When deciding between corner and baseline sections in the upper level, always choose corner sections if everything else is equal. Otherwise, always choose the seats in the lowest row (A is at the front).  -

Interactive Seating Chart


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