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Sitting Here for a Concert

The most polarizing seating option at the Tacoma Dome is seating on the floor. While seats at the front of the floor (sections 1-3) will have you within 20 rows of the performance, seats towards the back will leave you more than 60 rows from the stage without any elevation.

For most concerts the stage is set up at the end of the floor and floor seats are divided into sections labeled Floor 1 - Floor 12. When the floor is set up this way, all seats are reserved and twelve folding chairs are set up across each row (with seat 1 on the right side of the section when looking towards the stage).

Row numbers on the floor begin with row 1 closest to the stage, but only the front floor sections have a row 1. Rows are then continuous in each preceding sections. For example, in the most common setup, rows in Floor 1 are labeled 1-20, rows in Floor 4 are labeled 21-40, rows in Floor 7 are labeled 41-60 and rows in Floor 10 are labeled 61-70. In other words, the row listed on your ticket is how many rows from the front of the stage you are (unless there is a general admission seating area that pushes row 1 back).

Among indoor arenas, the Tacoma Dome has one of the largest areas for floor seating. As a result, the rear floor sections are pushed back pretty far from the stage, and they do not offer any elevation. While it may be tempting to purchase a ticket in one of these sections just to have a seat on the floor, we recommend skipping anything about row 40 in favor of a seat in one of the side sections.
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Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Great view of the stage and the runway down the center!"

    (Floor 7) - -

    These seats were a great view of the stage and the runway down the center. The fans were all great and friendly. There are concessions at the back of the seats so you don't have to climb stairs with beer and snacks. Highly recommend!

  • "great seats...view and sound..."

    (Floor 2) - -

    Great seats. Middle of stage. Sound and lights were great.

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