Canadian Tire Centre

Ottawa Senators 100 Level Center Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

The best seats at the Canadian Tire Centre are located at center ice in Sections 105-107 and 115-117. The traditional side to side viewing angles are highly sought after, and for the best positioning we recommend sitting in the upper half of the sections (Rows K and higher) for an ideal seating height to follow all the action.

Senators fans can sit beside the Sens bench in the higher numbered seats of Rows A and B in Section 105, or directly behind the bench in Seats 13-18 in Section 105 Row C and Seats 1-8 in Section 106 Row C.

If you prefer to be closer to the visiting team, the lower numbered seats in Section 107 Rows A and B are beside the visitors bench, while Seats 1-6 in Section 107 Row C and Seats 10-18 in Section 106 Row C are behind the visitors bench.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Give up view of game to get view of players"

      (Section 105) - -

      It was my brother-in-laws first NHL game, so I wanted to get him as close to the action as possible. Can't get much closer to the players than RIGHT BEHIND the home teams bench. That part was pretty cool. The bad news: there are sooo many barriers to any view of the game (eg, coaches heads, bars)...

    • "Phenomenal view of the whole ice."

      (Section 106) -
    • "Amazing view I had so much fun!"

      (Section 116) -

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