Sanford Stadium

East Upper Club Seats at Sanford Stadium

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East Upper Club Features & Amenities

On the second deck of seating in the east endzone you'll find East Upper Club seats. These seats are very similar to the Lower Club seats located directly below. The views are almost identical and a majority of rows are covered from the elements and shaded. And as with all club seats, the chairs come with backs.

Club Level Endzone Sections

On the second level of seating behind the east endzone is the Club Level Endzone seating location. Fans in these sections get a nice elevated perspective of the field and are not too far away from the action. As with most seats behind the endzones, it can be difficult to see the other end of the field.

These seats also receive exclusive amenities for being on the club level, which include access to club concessions and restrooms. Due to their location in the endzone, these are typically among the cheapest club level tickets for a Georgia game.

The sections in this location are very small with fewer than ten rows in each section.

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