T-Mobile Park


Seat Review From Section 137, Row 28, Seats 8-12
Jul 2015


These are close but not on top of the field. Afternoon game (1:10 start) on July 12th. We were in the very comfortable shade by the third inning. I'd buy these seats again.

Best for... watching the game, fans of the oppposing team, Catching a foul ball

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    Row 5 is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Section 137.

    Section 137, Row 5

    • "Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners - Mar 30, 2019"

      (Section 124) -
    • "Good atmosphere"

      (Section 127) - -

      These are your crowd loving fans who are active and high fiving. Good atmosphere.

    • "Amazing view"

      (Section 131) - -

      Right behind home plate, just a bit toward the 3rd base (visitors) dugout. You have a chance to get foul balls lined back over the net here so keep a head's up. Full view of the field other than the extreme left and right field corners. A great spot to watch secondary pitches make their moves (curve...

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