SDCCU Stadium

"Incredible for goal line battles"

Seat Review From Field 10, Row 17, Seat 8
Sep 2014


In Section 10F Row 17 Seat 8 I was right in line with the 3 yard line, which made the plays at the near endzone nothing short of amazing. However, it was fairly difficult to see the plays at the far endzone, and the far goal line was very difficult to make out from my viewing angle.
Being towards the middle of the section, the viewing height was just ok (all the seats in this area seem to sit very low to the field), and my seat faced toward the 25 yard line which helped prevent me from constantly looking to the left the entire time. If all the action had happened down by my endzone, these seats would have been spectacular. But still would have liked a little more height above the field level to see the game better overall.

Best for... being close to the action

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