SDCCU Stadium

"Super sunny, super legroom, stupid railing"

Seat Review From Loge 49, Row 1, Seat 4
Aug 2014


The first row of the loge level makes you feel really close to the field, which I was not expecting. But the first row of the loge level (and every upper level for that matter), comes with a railing smack in the middle of your view. There are three bars of the railing, so it's not like you can just adjust a bit and expect it to get better.

Incredible legroom in the first row, just wish the railing wasn't there. The legroom isn't as good in Row 3, but you want to sit there or higher to avoid the railing.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Seat in aisle"

      (Loge 55) - -

      Seat 1 is in the aisle. There is an exit through this seat forcing the person sitting there to get up each time someone exit's here. This exit is supposed to be blocked for handicapped seating. There is a tunnel directly below the seats to the left. Numerous people standing that restricts the view...

    • "Videogame view"

      (Loge 21) - -

      The view from these seats is very much like a videogame. You can easily identify formations and watch as plays develop. Goalposts are a bit of an annoyance, but what do you expect in the endzone? Railing doesn't really impact the view that much. You can't see the back of the near endzone when you...

    • "Covered seats, covered endzone"

      (Loge 56) - -

      The good: love the height of the seats, the view of midfield, the shade and the cover The bad: can't see half of the near endzone and the far endzone is far The 13" TV from 1987 they put to help your view doesn't quite do the trick.