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State Farm Arena Terrace Level End Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The terrace level sections are located just behind the 100 levels. Therefore, any views the 100 levels have, the equivalent terrace location will also have with slightly elevation.

One of the biggest reasons to chose to sit in terrace level seats is for the smaller sized sections. This will allow for quicker in-and-out during stoppage time in the game. With end sections, the biggest concert will be the obstruction of the baskets. With some elevation, it is not as big of a concert as the 100 level seats, but you are still low enough that it could block a small portion of the court from view.  -

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    • "Great view for a GA section"

      (Terrace 6) - -

      With the Hawks playing the way they've been playing over the past year, this was my first time back at State Farm Arena in a minute. I purchased a ticket in the GA section of the stadium, which was comprised of sections T4-T6. Personally, I love GA sections especially when I'm catching a game by mys...

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