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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Some of the cheapest tickets on the 100 level for a Hawks game are in the sections behind the baskets on either side of the floor. These are the largest sections on the lower level with roughly 30 rows in each section. In all sections, row A is closest to the floor and also comes with the longest walks up and down the stairs. If you think you'll be leaving your seats often for food and drink, consider seats in a higher row where you'll be closer to the concourse.

The biggest complaint with seating behind the baskets is - unsurprisingly - that the baskets block the view of the action. The best way to avoid this issue is to choose seats in section 101L, 104L, 112L and 115L. There will be fans sitting in the floor sections in front of you, but you will avoid the basket.  -

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    • "Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks - Feb 20, 2020"

      (Section 113L) - -

      Right behind floor seats !

    • "Charlotte Hornets at Atlanta Hawks - Mar 9, 2020"

      (Section 112L) -
    • "Making a second review because I can not emphasize enough, DO NOT get these seats. Absolutely terrible for price and in general. "

      (Section 114) -

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