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Some of the cheapest tickets on the 100 level for a Hawks game are in the sections behind the baskets on either side of the floor. These are the largest sections on the lower level with roughly 30 rows in each section. In all sections, row AA closest to the floor and also comes with the longest walks up and down the stairs. If you think you'll be leaving your seats often for food and drink, consider seats in a higher row where you'll be closer to the concourse.

The biggest complaint with seating behind the baskets is - unsurprisingly - that the baskets block the view of the action. The best way to avoid this issue is to choose seats in section 108, 111, 119 and 122. The basket will still obstruct your view of some of the action on the end nearest you, but you'll have a clear sightline to the other hoop.


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  • Section 122, Row T
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    March 18 - Portland Trail Blazers at Atlanta Hawks
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  • Great seats at an incredible price.

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  • Close to the action and near the Hawks bench.

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  • Was nervous about sitting behind the back board but the seats were great. Saw everything with no problem. And it was nex...

  • View of the court was great as we were right on top of the action even though it was near the visiting teams (Cavs) benc...

  • This isn't a review of the section, but it is about the new restaurant RED which is located above this section. I'll kee...

  • These seats are very underrated and the view was great! The seats are a little bit tight for taller people, but overall ...

  • Only on small occasion did the goal block the view but these seats were great for being close to the action and not as e...

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