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Floor seating at the Ohio Theatre is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. Floor seating at the Ohio Theatre is also referred to as Orchestra seating. The Floor is divided into four sections: one, two, three, and four. Sections one and four consist of 30 lettered rows while sections three and four are made up of 31 lettered rows. Furthermore, the Floor section has five entrance ways that allow for easy access to and from these seats. This is especially convenient during intermission, because if you are sitting in the Floor section is easier to get to the restrooms and drink/snack bar before the lines get too long.

The Floor section arguably has the best seats in the Ohio Theater, but it depends on where you sit. Almost every seat in the Floor sections two and three, have a great view of the stage, but the best seating can be found in rows A- P. The rows within the Floor section are not very tiered, meaning that if you have a tall person sitting directly in front of you, you may be peaking around their head throughout the performance.

The Balcony overhang covers the back half of all four Floor sections. However, there are no support poles within the Floor section so you do not have to worry about an obstructed view due to poles. The overhang does slightly cut off the top of the stage starting at row P and getting progressively worse the more you work back in the section. To avoid this cut off, look for seats between rows A-P or look to other sections in The Ohio Theatre.

When looking at the stage, seats in sections one and two increase left to right, with 2 being the first seat in section one and 102 the first seat in section two. Conversely, sections three and four increase right to left, with 1 being the first seat in section four and 101 the first seat in section three. Seats in sections one and two are evenly numbered, whereas seats in sections three and four are numbered odd. Additionally, seats in sections two and three are triple digit numbers whereas seats in sections one and four are single/double digit numbers.

The Floor section at Ohio Theatre might have the best seats in the house, but you must be willing to spend higher prices to ensure you are close enough to avoid the balcony overhang.  - RateYourSeats.com

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