Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Stadium Lower Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Sections in the Lower Level Corner areas will keep fans close to the action, but with a further positioning from midfield, these seats will have a more affordable price tag compared to those in the Lower Level Sideline.

Each sections here has 56 numbered rows of bench style bleacher seating, starting with Row 3 at the front, and ending with Row 58 at the back. With the entry tunnels for most of these sections located lower at Row 16, fans in the back rows will have a longer walk to reach the seats. Sections 3 and 34 are the exceptions, and have their entry tunnels located closer to the top of the section near row 40.

With the players and team personnel lining the sidelines, views of the far end of the field can be difficult in the lower rows of these sections, so we recommend opting for seats in Rows 10-20 for the best overall views. Fans should also be aware that Sections 32-34 in the northwest corner are designated student sections, making these seats a louder, more rowdy atmosphere during a football game.  -

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