Madison Square Garden

New York Rangers 200 Level Behind the Net Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Perhaps the most under-rated seats at the Garden for Rangers hockey are the 200 Level seats behind the net. Unlike being at a Knicks game, these seats aren't incredibly far from the action (since the ice extends further than the court), and the seats are at a perfect height to see the whole ice.

There are six or fewer rows in each section, which makes getting up for restrooms and concessions very easy. Rangers fans will want to choose Sections 216-219, as the Rangers attack twice in this direction of the ice. Row 1 in each of these sections has TV monitors on the ground in front of you (with the ability to watch what you want).  -

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      (Section 219) - -

      Seated on a barstool (with a back) elevated above the last row of the section in front of me could get up and use the nearby restroom or snack stand at will (no one to wait to get up or obstruct anyone else's view). Friends also at the game came by for a while to hang out. Several feet behind seats ...

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